Designer: Paola Navone for Poliform, 2006

Details: Wood, multi-density polyurethene foam, foam padding and feather cushions. Removable covers (in leather) from £3,722.

The perfect white sofa. One of these in a living room is the definitive statement of a devotion to the aesthetic above the practical and, of course it also says you have the lifestyle or the funds not to have to worry about small chocolaty hands.

Sofas were a French invention (1680 - the very name “couch” comes from ‘coucher’ of course - to lie down as in ‘Voulez-vous coucher avec moi’) but the white sofa, as such, came several centuries later and made its appearance in the 1980s, when loft living hit its peak and overlarge sofas became the dominant feature in any living room.

Poliform's Airport Sofa is the classic then, from Italian designer Paola Navone (motto; ‘my design rule is not to live by the rules’).

Chic and urbane, it was the first sofa produced by high-end Italian furniture maker, Poliform, which they describe as “perfect for lounging” (as indeed it is) as it’s wide enough to flop all over.

Its distinguishing features are quilted seat cushions and – in an unusual nod to practicalities – it has removable covers.

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