I Did the Research So You Don’t Have to — This is Where to Buy Rugs at Every Price Point

If you're considering where the best place is to buy rugs, our style editor suggests six spots sweeping the floor with their fabulous offerings

where to buy rugs, according to a style editor
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Magic carpets — they’re not just for fairytales. A rug can make or break a space. It's the difference between a room that’s minimal or maximal, modern or rustic, colorful and cozy, design-forward or artistic. Packed with so much transformational power, rugs can be whatever you want them to be — a statement piece, the focal point of a room, a simple backdrop, and everything in between. Whatever your goal, a rug will inevitably shift the vibe, so deciding where to buy your rugs isn’t something to be taken lightly.

As someone who quite literally shops for a living, I’m here to help. I’ve spent hours doing IRL research — popping into stores, touching the best rugs, and asking the tough questions to make sure your hard-earned dollars are spent wisely. And you should know, I’m very picky.

Given how often we look at and interact with rugs, I'm convinced that, like any other piece of quality furniture, you should invest your absolute maximum. So whatever that number is for you — whether it’s $200 or $20,000 — I approached my search with the goal of finding the best retailers across all styles and price points.

The result is a comprehensive edit, making it easy to find beautiful, high-quality, and even unexpected options that complement your space for the perfect price. I've curated a few of my favorite picks along the way, but feel free to shop around and see what catches your eye. Without further ado: grey rugs, Persian rugs, jute rugs, patterned rugs — you name it, these are the six stores currently sweeping the floor with their offerings.

Where to Buy Rugs

ABC Carpet & Home

ABC Carpet & Home isn’t just a rug store — it’s the rug store, especially if you get the chance to visit their NYC flagship. Emerging from humble beginnings as a market of individual rug sellers in the 1800s, ABC now boasts the most impressive rug collections not only in Manhattan, but worldwide. With a mix of local craftsmanship, global finds, and one-of-a-kind vintage pieces, it’s a must-visit for rug seekers, if not for the eye candy alone.

I recently ventured into their bottom level: rug heaven. It feels less like a store and more like a rug library, filled with stacks and stacks of unique styles. How their staff masterfully navigates the assortment, I’ll never know. ‘Berber?’ I asked. ‘Right here,’ they replied. ‘Abstract?’ Casually leaning against the far wall. ‘Jute?’ ‘Head over to the left.’ It’s a sight to behold. Despite offering several more affordable options, which I’ve included below, ABC’s rugs might not be the cheapest, but they’re certainly the most spectacular.


‘Whoops!’ says your guest, spilling red wine on your pristine white rug. If you’ve been watching season 5 of The Kardashians, you know this scenario would provoke on-screen drama and likely an even bigger IRL meltdown. The panic — the horror! Enter: Ruggable. Their clever rugs mean you can actually be cool about these everyday mishaps — not just pretend and unravel later — because your rug is, in fact, washable. ‘No worries,’ you say with ease — major flex.

And don’t mistake washable for less stylish. Ruggable’s offerings are as beautiful as they are diverse, with collaborations including designer Jonathan Adler, the late and great icon Iris Apfel, and my recent favorite: The Hiltons. They're heiress looks at affordable prices. And in an almost dizzying array of sizes: area, runner, and round rugs in nearly any dimension you can dream of. Don’t know what size to get? They have a guide for that, too. Ruggable thought of everything, and I do mean everything, making it an essential stop in your rug search.


You can always count on Anthropologie to deliver unique offerings — the kind that look worldly and vintage (usually code for “very expensive”) but are, to my delight, quite reasonable. Most start at around $68. The saying goes, “jack of all trades, master of none.” While Anthropologie is a lifestyle destination covering everything from clothing to candles, this doesn’t hold true here. Anthropologie does rugs exceedingly well, despite offering such a vast variety.

If you’re on the hunt for something fun, trendy, or timeless, Anthropologie has you covered at prices you can’t refuse and quality that exceeds expectations. And if you’re feeling fancy, they have a small selection of luxury, one-of-a-kind options too. Anthropologie’s rugs are a high-low mix, with mostly low to mid-range finds. As a pizza-with-caviar kind of girl myself, this balance is ideal.


If you’re searching for home decor or furniture and don’t check Wayfair at least once, what are you doing? That’s not a rhetorical question. It’s 2024, and if you aren’t using Wayfair as a guide, a best friend, and a way to discover the latest and greatest from almost any brand under the sun (at the lowest prices, I might add), you’re doing yourself a serious disservice.

Wayfair’s rugs are no different. The retailer carries many of my favorite brands, like Allmodern and Loloi. Their shipping is fast, often free, and reliable — much like their returns policy. But my favorite aspect, especially as a shopping editor, is the customer reviews. With a massive customer base willing to be candid — sometimes comically so — you can get a strong gauge on whether or not this is the rug for you. I’ve seen phenomenal picks under $100 and others so pricey I start to wonder if I should switch careers. The notion of having ‘something for everyone’ is truer nowhere else.


I won’t claim Amazon is the go-to destination for the chicest, most design-forward rugs. But maybe this is your first adult rug purchase, or you’re planning to move in the next year. You might be unsure about a certain style and simply want to test the waters. Or perhaps, in this economy, the lower the price, the better. If you see where I’m going with this, Amazon's rugs are a budgeter’s dream.

Their rug assortment is also, in a word, massive, and their business model — from shipping to returns — a well-oiled machine. Where else can you bundle a pack of hangers, face wash, a box of cereal, and an area rug and get it in two days, free of charge with Prime, or better yet, by tomorrow? Amazon is a magical place that shouldn’t be overlooked, especially in the realm of rugs. I have a knack for finding the diamonds in the rough, so I've included my three favorite picks here.

Pottery Barn

You know that friend who’s effortlessly beautiful and always put together without trying too hard? That sort of nonchalant elegance is how I’d describe Pottery Barn’s rug selection, which offers no shortage of timeless, everyday styles. Most of them are handcrafted, justifying their mid to high-end price points (though they do have some pretty killer sales now and then).

This isn’t where you go to get the latest style blowing up on TikTok; it’s where you go to get the rug that will stick with you forever. If Amazon’s trendy, affordable offerings are the rugs you date, Pottery Barn’s are the rugs you marry. Think gentle blues, warm and cool-toned neutrals, and intricate weaves. I’ve experienced many a Pottery Barn rug, whether it’s in one of their stores or sitting pretty in a family or friend’s house. Put simply, Pottery Barn rugs are quietly perfect.

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