SIT PRETTY: 8 of the best New Season Sofas

Sculptural or sumptuous, sit pretty on these stylish pieces.

Buying a sofa is a considered purchase. A good one should last for at least ten years, so if you want one with looks and longevity, it pays to take your time and do your research before diving in.

Before you even start your research, accurately measure the room it’s to go into, as well as doorways and stairs, so that you know it will fit through the door.

Sofas can often look smaller in a large showroom than they will in your living room, so if you have your eye on one, mark out its footprint in your room by laying out newspaper and taping it on the floor, so you can see how much space it will take up – and the circulation area around it. Better still, mark out the area first, so you know what size sofa will work in your space, before setting your heart on one that could be too big or too small.

Think about other large pieces of furniture that will be in the room too. Will your sofa be sharing the space with a dining table and chairs? Or could you fit two sofas opposite each other or an L-shaped piece instead of a regular two or three-seater?

The next thing to consider (other than your budget) is shape, style and colour. What look are you going for in your room? Simple Scandi, Industrial, Glamorous, Maximalist or something else?

When it comes to upholstery, will your sofa have to withstand sticky fingerprints from little ones or red wine spillages? If so, think about leather or easy-to-clean fabrics.

Work out what you like and create a mood board, then take samples of your paint colours, or wallpaper and flooring swatches with you to the showroom, so you can easily see what looks good together. Likewise, bring fabric swatches home, or order them online, so you can see how they look in natural light.

Check out these new season sofas for inspiration.

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