The new Lombok seven-day made-to-order service has launched

No more waiting months on end for that gorgeous bespoke sofa you ordered...

The sofa: the place we sink into and relax at the end of a long day. We’ve all got our favourite spot, where the cushions are always at the right angle and where the perfect amount of squish meets the perfect amount of squash.

But the idea of having to wait up to six months for a new one puts many homeowners off going down the bespoke route.

Muna sofa, Lombok.

Thankfully, furniture company Lombok is now offering a seven-day made-to-order sofa service for personalised style without the wait.

You can expect the same craftsmanship and quality as you would expect from a Lombok piece of furniture, yet you’ll receive the item within a week. If the hallway has just been painted and the last minute hunt has started for the perfect armchair – in just-the-right colour – that tricky task is now within easy reach.

Mahsai chair, Lombok.

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From getting your home holiday-ready, or just because interiors is all about choice and it really matters, this new fast service from Lombok delivers without having to compromise on quality.

So how exactly does the swift Lombok seven-day made-to-order service work? Lombok owner Keiran Hewkin explains: ‘We have the sofa made in London, and we hold the component parts, frames etc – all unfinished and in a raw colour – in our warehouse.’

Karlsson sofa, Lombok.

‘We have a great agreement with our fabric partners that allows us to have lots on hand and reserved for next day delivery to us. We have two years of sales data that means we know that the 35 fabrics we have picked for the service covers 95% of our customers choices.’

Keiran continues: ‘We accept the order and then have an assembly line to put the sofa together that is in our logistics warehouse. Our upholsterers are also right next to our very own delivery fleet.’

Blixen chair, Lombok.

‘The actual working time on preparing a customer’s sofa is one to two days, that’s the same for any supplier, all we are doing differently is planning our materials meticulously and making it on people’s doorsteps for them.’

‘By taking ownership of the entire supply chain – rather than having lots of sub contractors and having to wait for certain volumes of parts/orders to be dispatched to complete a specific range – makes this possible. We believe if you order a piece and it is made just for you, it should be made just for you, right then, rather than have to wait for other people to order the same model and have it made in batches.’

Kai sofa, Lombok.

Prices for the Lombok seven-day made-to-order service start from £685 for key items.

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