6 alternatives to the sold out "Costco pull-out couch" that's gone viral – and these ones are probably comfier, too

This Costco pull-out couch has gathered millions of views on Tik Tok and Instagram. What is it about this piece of furniture that just made everyone stop and pay attention?

a pull out sleeper couch
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I was a little confused when I saw a viral video on TikTok of a pull-out couch from Costco that had millions and millions of views. It's a type of pull-out sleeper sofa that's not, in any way, something new. Brands have been manufacturing this type of sofa for years and I, for one, grew up with a version of this piece of furniture in my childhood bedroom. 

But maybe it’s the power of social media and one TikTok video to make the world stop and pay attention. If you’re itching to buy this Costco ‘gem’ but find it’s sold out, here are some alternatives. They might not be in the ‘public eye’, but these are probably the best couches and sofas if you're looking for a pull-out sleeper. 

Which Costco couch has gone viral?

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The noise is all about the updated version of the brand’s Coddle Aria Sleeper Sectional. It appears the new and improved product has cushions made with a combination of memory foam and solid foam, features storage, and the bed pulls out seamlessly from the recessed section. To top it all off, it also comes with a USB port. It would work perfectly in a small apartment where there's no guest bedroom or even a small living room. 

Not to burst anyone’s bubble, as I’m sure by now you’re super excited about this sofa, but opinions really are divided as to whether this Costco buy is really one of the best sleeper sofas. The comments to the video showed that from those who purchased it, some said they needed to return it due to it being actually very uncomfortable, the cushions not being even, and the material feeling rough. Others state they have had the style of sofa for years and it proved a worthy investment. 


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6 alternative pull-out sleeper couches

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