How to Shop Some of 2024's Biggest Interiors Trends — Wallet-Friendly Buys, Recommended by Designers

From the ‘unexpected red theory’ to retro cabana stripes, shop some of 2024's biggest trends, without breaking the bank

Spring 2024 decor trends from our favorite retailers
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Ah, the sweet smell of spring. Longer days and blooming flowers — it’s the moment we’ve been eagerly awaiting all winter. The season officially starts on March 19, or if you follow the meteorological system, it began on the first of the month. Either way, it's time to gear up for sunnier days and breathe new life into your space — a moment for a pick-me-up, a quick refresh for your home post-winter hibernation.

This spring’s overarching interior design trend is maximalist — but with a twist. According to interior designer Nicole Cullum, spring 2024 is all about maximalism that is ‘refined and structured.' Rather than saturating your home with rich colors and patterns, Nicole suggests opting for comparatively smaller focal points, such as an ‘interesting gallery wall over patterned wallpaper with rich colors’ or ‘an intriguing set of small collections’ displayed on your coffee table. These will serve as natural conversation starters, adding vibrancy to both the room and the people inside.

As is typical of spring, there are numerous new and vibrant trends to explore, and our favorite home retailers have certainly delivered. From Wayfair to Nordstrom, each of these spring home decor items perfectly captures the spirit of the biggest interior trends for 2024. Look no further for a step into spring!

Hints of Red

Ever heard of the ‘unexpected red theory’? According to Nicole, ‘If you haven’t seen it on TikTok and Instagram, there’s a design trend floating through our feeds that shows how to incorporate a small touch of red in every room to bring it to life.’ The designer admits she ‘was skeptical at first,’ that is, until she tried it for herself! Adding easily interchangeable pieces like ‘a throw pillow, or a red lacquer picture frame instantly elevates the space and adds an eye-catching fiery element to your decor.’

Curved Furniture

Interior designer Artem Kropovinsky highlights the shift towards curved furniture, which is gaining momentum this spring. While curved couches and similar large-scale pieces have been cropping up for a few years now, what's new is the extent of curvature. Instead of just a few curved elements, designers are now incorporating numerous bends and gentle curves, even down to the smallest details — like the leg of a chair. This total departure from rigid straight lines and angles creates a newfound sense of springtime serenity. Artem notes that this new integration of curves make ‘‘one feel peaceful and at ease’ 

Warm Whites

Not all white tones are created equal. Departing from the stark, almost abrasive iterations that have dominated in year’s past, ‘Designers are stepping back from the ultra white craze and incorporating softer, warmer white tones,’ explains Nicole from Color Caravan. They’re opting for barely-there neutrals, lending ‘a hint of color that feels cozy and inviting and also pairs well with deep tones like burgundy, black, forest green, and rich dark purple accent colors.’ 


Stripes conjure up visuals of nautical scenes and country club cabanas. The pattern remains timeless, though it’s safe to say that now more than ever ‘stripes are having a moment,' says interior designer and paint brand color consultant Flora Hogg. From walls and wallpapers to upholstery and cushions, stripes are totally dominating this season. Many of the stripes we’re seeing pair ‘two unexpected colors side-by-side,’ Flora explains, adding a ‘playful and fun touch to any room.’

Julia Demer
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