15 of the Best Accent Chairs Right Now, Picked by a Style Editor

Running the gamut from breezy rattan constructions to saddle leather slings, this edit proves that the best accent chairs aren't simply supplemental — they're the main event

Best accent chairs
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Accent chairs are a bit like dogs — sometimes it's hard to believe that a petite chihuahua and a sturdy rottweiler are part of the same species — but that’s part of the fun! With so many inventive silhouettes, colors, and textures, you’re bound to find something that catches your eye. Despite what their name would imply, accent chairs are not merely supplementary decorations — they're the main event.

According to interior designer Krysten Ledet, accent chairs are a chance to do something magical with your living room. ‘As standout pieces, accent chairs possess the intriguing ability to inject style, color, texture, and personality into a room,’ says Krysten. Shifting the overall ambiance of any space, these 'focal point furnishings transform rooms by introducing pops of color or contrast, adding dimension through textures, and alluding to different eras and themes.'

For those inclined towards adventure, accent chairs provide an opportunity to step out of your comfort zone and experiment with something new. With selections covering all budgets and style preferences, it’s safe to say you've never encountered chairs that look this good.

15 Best Accent Chairs

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How should I style an accent chair? 

Styling a living room accent chair is a delicate balance between letting it stand out and allowing it to blend seamlessly within your space. According to Krysten, the key here is to maintain balance. 

Consider your space's furniture placement, and think about 'what arrangement will complement the existing furniture.' Rather than shoehorning your accent chair where it doesn't fit, taking a beat to understand the room's cohesion will reveal natural opportunities to strategically 'mix in bold character.'

Julia Demer
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