I wasn't expecting to find all the lighting for my apartment on Wayfair but these on-sale options are perfect

While shopping the Way Day sale, I realized I could totally upgrade the lighting in my apartment for a fraction of the expected cost

Different types of lighting in a collage.
(Image credit: Illustrated | Wayfair)

Way Day 2023 has arrived, bringing with it plenty of deals on everything from couches to candles to chandeliers. If you're looking to make a major upgrade to your home (perhaps you'd like to elevate your living room or de-clutter your kitchen) now is the time to strike. Your next chance won't come until Black Friday.

Speaking of chandeliers, however, I was pleasantly surprised by the selection of lighting options in the Way Day sale, especially for apartments. I've been eyeing a new and easy overhead ceiling fixture for my unit for some time now, and have wanted a lamp for my living room coffee table since a bevy of construction outside my window gobbled up all my natural light. After trawling page after page, I was able to find a number of solid lighting options for anyone looking to make some similar upgrades. 

Browse my selections below, but be sure to shop the full Way Day sale when you're done.

Best ceiling fixtures

Best floor lamps

Best table lamps

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