12 Hanging Wall Bookshelves That Maximize Space In Your Rooms Without Compromising Style

Hanging wall bookshelves mean you don't have to choose between a chic storage option and extra space in your bedroom. Shop our editor-approved round-up now.

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When you're out of floor space, hanging wall bookshelves are your perfect storage solution. They're every bit as chic and decorative of a freestanding option, but take advantage of underutilized wall area, so that you don't have to figure out how to get all your favorite decor onto your desk.

And as far as bookshelves go, they're also some of the very best bookshelves to buy right now. The selection is great, and I've spent a good bit of my afternoon investigating across some of the best home decor brands to find the top 12 options available. Below you'll find a wide range of hanging wall bookshelves in a variety of colors and styles, and at a variety of price points. Because I'm not doing my sacred style editor duty if I'm not delivering you options. 

Let's get shopping!

12 hanging wall bookshelves to buy now

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When should I consider a hanging wall bookshelf?

Interior designer Grey Joyner, founder of Grey Joyner Interiors, has used hanging wall bookshelves and floating shelves in 'two different areas,' she told me: 'on either side of a fireplace in a den and also in a kitchen.' With the fireplace, she chose a wall bookshelf to 'cozy up' the surrounding areas with something 'minimal.'

In the kitchen scenario, Grey was hoping to maximize a 'spot beside the refrigerator that we felt could be a fun place to display some artwork and decorative dishes and glasses,' she said. 'I wanted to add interest and color and what better way than with a bookshelf.' And the hanging/floating design means the 'items on the shelves [...] do the talking, not the self of cabinet itself.' 

Either of these scenarios sound like you? Then I think you know which option to choose!

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