I've Searched Every Corner of the Internet — These are the 15 Best Bookshelves you Can Buy Right Now

Whether you need a place to store your books or a place to display your personal trinkets, we guarantee we've found something you'll love

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To voracious readers, a full bookshelf or bookcase is a sign of a job well done. It's a badge of honor as much as it is an interior design decision, one that telegraphs literary prowess to all who stand in its presence. It's a place to display the stories and tales that mean the most to you, as well as a place to tie those stories into your home decor.

Or — or — you look at a bookshelf and see not a place for your books, but a spot for decor that adds a bit of your personality to a room. Sure, there might be books involved, but it's less about storing your favorite tomes and more about tying in the color of your rug or adding a bit of height to a candle or two. 

For those deciding which kind or style of bookshelf or bookcase they'd like to buy, interior designer Andi Morse of Morse Design recommends you first 'measure the space for the area where the bookshelf will go to make sure you choose not only the correct width but also the correct height.' That, plus 'the way the room is built (flat ceilings vs. arched ceiling),' will help you narrow down what size and style of bookshelf you should purchase. 'I tend to like bookshelves that blend more in smaller spaces so the spaces don't feel cramped,' Andi continued. 'In larger rooms, it's more fun to get a show stopper of a piece.'

Whichever way you see it, we've spent hours and hours scouring the internet for the very best bookshelves and bookcases on the market so that your shopping decision — whether motivated by literary or stylistic pursuits — is even easier.

15 of the best bookshelves

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How should I style a bookshelf?

Look to your personal taste! If you're more of a maximalist or color-lover, a pyramid of your most vibrant books would look fabulous. If you like to keep things neutral and clean, maybe all of those books have covers in the same color family. And if you love a mismatched feel, clump together whatever you've got— the trend is in the chaos.

'I like to mix in books as well as personal treasures,' Andi said of her preferred method. 'I think it looks so good and the eye tends to move around more when you use different materials in the bookshelves.'

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