'They're the Perfect Solution for Awkward Spots' — 12 Corner Bookshelves That Will Increase Storage in Any Room

Corner bookshelves are perfect for areas without a lot of space because their design footprints fit seamlessly into the shape of the room

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We've all been there — you're looking for a new piece of furniture and keep finding amazing options, but none of them will fit into your space. You need something that will seamlessly blend into the flow of your room without taking up unnecessary space. You need something that will fit ... into your corner.

As I continue my series rounding up the best bookshelves across various retailers, I've arrived at my next niche stop: corner bookshelves, the best style to lean into if you're short on space but big on books (/decor/trinkets). Below, you'll find a curated edit of some of the best corner bookshelves to buy right now, all of which are available in multiple styles, colorways, and price points. Happy hunting!

12 of the best corner bookshelves you can buy right now

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How should I style a corner bookshelf?

Now that your new bookshelf is nestled perfectly in the corner of your room, you might be wondering how exactly to style it. 'Corner bookshelves suit up tight spots, giving a fashionable look and function to dead zones,' says interior designer Artem Kropovinsky, founder of Arsight, a modern interior design firm in NYC. 'Style with a lively and asymmetric mix of book heights with some art or plants on top.'

You might also add some texture by 'combining wood, metal, glass or fabric boxes,' which also 'provide depth and variety,' or you could play around with lights to turn the area into an 'ambient reading corner.' But ultimately, try to keep it to 'one unified color theme with minor color explosions in order to maintain a strong visual interest,' Artem adds.

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