The 12 Best Affordable Bookshelves — On-Trend Styles That Won't Break the Bank

With these affordable bookshelves from retailers like Target, Wayfair, and Amazon, you don't have to sacrifice style for price. All hand-picked by Livingetc's editors

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They say you get what you pay for — but what if that weren't always the case? What if — and hear me out — you had Livingetc and its handy dandy style editor to suss out all the deals for you, so that you're not only paying a fair price but getting a quality product at the same time?

After combing the internet for the 15 best bookshelves to buy right now, I'm back with another specialty bookshelf edit, this time focused on the intersection of affordability and quality. If you're hoping for a well-made, well-reviewed piece that won't break the bank, your time to shop has come. 

Keep reading for my budget-friendly edit of affordable bookshelves available now.

12 of the best affordable bookshelves available now

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How can I make an inexpensive bookshelf look more luxurious?

To make an inexpensive bookshelf look more luxurious, Sarah Fleischer of SRF Interiors recommends that you edit yourself first and foremost. "Don't put out every book and object you own," she told me. "Stick to hardcover books when possible, and often I find removing the book jackets goes a long way to making them look nicer." She also suggested mixing in art and accessories, some of which can lean on small brass or acrylic easels, as well as thinking about "creating a visual balance — some taller items, some shorter to let your eyes travel."

How can I decorate my bookshelf on a budget?

To decorate a bookshelf on a budget, "use what you have, and think outside the box!" Sarah recommended. "A bowl of collected matchbooks sitting on top of a stack of books looks lovely (and personal!)," as do photos in inexpensive frames. But if you're really in a crunch, "head to the local thrift store and check out the vases/glassware/home section.  Look for an interesting vase or bowl, bookends or even a pair of candlesticks,"

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