12 Low Bookshelves That Will Easily Change the Vibe of Your Entire Living Room

Stash these options behind your couch or at the foot of your bed for some stylish, easy, and functional decor. A great decluttering solution for the new year!

horizontal bookshelves over colorful background
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Are you in need of some hidden, low-profile storage? Are you looking to level up some of the vibes in your living room or bedroom with a singular piece of functional decor or furniture? Do you love to keep up with trends? If the answer to all these rhetorical questions was yes, then boy, do we have the edit for you. 

We're on a quest to round up the best bookshelves to buy right now, and this special edition is focused on low bookshelves, in particular (otherwise often known as low-profile or horizontal bookshelves if you were confused); you can put these babies behind your couch, at the end of your bed, or hidden in corners of your living room. So prepare to get reading and shopping — we really think you're going to like this one.

12 of the best low bookshelves to buy right now

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How should I style a low bookshelf?

Given its landscape makeup, you might be wondering if it's at all different styling a low bookshelf than a tall, traditional bookshelf. 'Obviously what's important is what you put on top of the shelf,' says interior designer Eliza Gran. 'I like the look of some large framed art against the wall, leaning works well to keep it casual, along with your favorite vases full of foraged flowers and eucalyptus branches, sculptures and other crafts projects from the kids in your life, and a few stacks of stray small books too.'

To keep things fresh, you'll want to 'rotate this collection frequently, adding whatever you feel like,' she adds. 

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