Best White Bookshelves — 12 Smart, Minimalist and Editor-Approved Designs

White bookshelves are versatile, timeless, and essentially trend-proof. Find your perfect option now with our high-quality Livingetc edit

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A great bookshelf is a lot of things — it's spacious, it's stylish, it both blends in and stands out, but above all, it's versatile. That's what makes a white bookshelves so great; they can really do it all, including the versatility and blending, thanks to their goes-with-everything color.

We here at Livingetc (well, specifically style editor Brigid Kennedy) have been on a quest to collate the very best bookshelves to buy right now, and, given our passion for minimalist colors, absolutely had to give a white bookshelf edit a try. We dug through hundreds of listings from some of the very best home decor websites and are pretty pleased with the end product: a highly shoppable, digestible, and variety-packed round-up of bookshelves that would please even the pickiest of decorators.

Take a peek below — you'll love what you see.

The Livingetc edit of the best white bookshelves

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How should I style a bookshelf?

When it's time to style your new bookshelf, Keira Schultz, owner and principal designer at KSDesigns LLC, has a few great starter tips. 'For timeless bookshelf styling, keep it simple and thoughtfully curated by using your favorite books along with ceramics, candles, and items that you cherish sprinkled in to create vignettes,' she told Livingetc.

Try also adding a 'few books upright followed by a couple of books lying flat with spines facing outward, then add a couple of objects playing with scale.' Keep things balanced by alternating the placement of 'stacked books between the sides and middle of the shelves.'  

Ultimately, 'a bookshelf styled with books and items that have meaning and bring joy are the ones that make a space feel personal while adding visual interest to a space,' Keira concluded.

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