Black Bookshelves — the 12 Best Modern Design Statements That are Both Beautifully Minimal and Luxe

12 black bookshelves that look as good bare as they would dressed up in books, trinkets, and decor? Sign us up! Shop our full edit below

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As far as luxurious colors go, black is the best of the best. It's understated, luxurious, and elegant without even trying. It's minimal and no fuss. But most importantly, it will never go out of style. Black anything — clothes, cookware, handbags — will last you literally forever from a trend standpoint, which means there is truly no better color in which to invest.

As I continue my quest to round up the best bookshelves of all shapes and sizes, we have now arrived at another very exciting stop: the black bookshelf edit. Below, I've spent some time digging around the internet to find a variety of timeless pieces on which you can rest your trinkets and books, and I'm pretty happy with what I scrounged up. It's sure to be a good one, filled with variety across style, material, and price point, so let's get going.

12 of the best black bookshelves to buy right now

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How should I style a bookshelf?

When styling a bookshelf, try to approach it as 'an opportunity to blend form and function,' said interior designer Mia Johnson, principal designer at Mia Johnson Interior Design. 'Incorporating a mix of books, decorative objects, and personal mementos is key. Experimenting with varying heights and textures adds depth, while leaving some open space to prevent overcrowding and maintains balance.'

As she builds, Mia always uses the so-called rule of thirds, 'grouping items in three, and the triangle matching method on each shelf.' If you get stuck, following that guidance should help you find a way to make it work, she said.

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