The 12 Best Large Bookshelves To Make A Big Design Statement — Our Edit of What to Buy

Large bookshelves make a great storage and decoration solution — if you have the space, that is. Style Editor Brigid Kennedy has found some of the best to buy now

a grouping of large bookshelves on a colorful background
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When you have the space, a large piece of decor or furniture is just so satisfying. A large sectional sofa that takes up the entire room, a pair of gigantic coffee tables, a sprawling credenza that handily covers the full base of your wall ... all of it feels luxurious and simple and so ... nice. 

Now picture that but with a large bookshelf. One that's not only wide but also tall, with deep shelves and robust siding and a commanding profile that elevates your living room. Indeed, when you have the space, a big, functional piece like this is one of the best bookshelves you can buy, and I'm here to wisen you up to the fabulous selection on the market now.

Of course, your taste is ultimately what matters, but I feel pretty confident you'll succeed in finding something here that you like. Trust me, I shop for a living. And once you're done be sure to check out my other bookshelf-focused edits, including best bookshelves for small spaces (you won't find those here), best circular bookshelves, and best ladder bookshelves.

The Livingetc edit of large bookshelves

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How should I style a bookshelf?

When you go to style your bookshelf, try adding a bit of fun to the equation with some eye-catching decor, said Artem Kropovinsky, interior designer and founder of Arsight. 'A nice vase or a cool statue can really improve the whole appearance.'

You should also consider 'the art of arrangement,' he went on. Lay some books flat and others straight up. And don't fill every shelf! A bit of empty space makes things 'look better and more planned.'

And finally, make it personal. 'Put in your own stuff like framed photos, small artworks or souvenirs from travels,' Artem said. 'These things make someone's style different and special.'

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