These 12 buys will help you perfect the mix of traditional and modern needed for a timeless, transitional-style kitchen

These transitional-style kitchen products will make the heart of the home the most charming, and high value space

A kitchen with vintage and modern elements
(Image credit: Nate Berkus Associates. Photo credit Christopher Dibble)

Melding traditional and modern design, transitional style kitchens are truly the easiest, fuss-free, bright, and relaxed spaces to cook and socialize in.

If you're looking to have a one-of-a-kind transitional style kitchen that looks striking yet warm, these products are the perfect building blocks for such a space. Take a look.

Aditi Sharma Maheshwari
Aditi Sharma Maheshwari

Aditi is an experienced homes writer and editor. She has written hundreds of articles for various international titles helping readers make the best home design choice. For this piece she picked out the best products to help build a transitional style kitchen.

Top buys for the best transitional style kitchen 

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A kitchen with transitional style lighting

(Image credit: Spacecrafting Photography. Studio credit Jkath Design Build + Reinvent)

Want to add a traditional touch to a slightly modern kitchen? Consider antique or old-style kitchen pendant lighting or opt for lanterns.

'This home is a Modern Tudor while leaning into character true to the era of a Tudor home and modern enhancements,' says Katie Kath, partner, and interior designer at Jkath Design Build + Reinvent. 'We found a unique blend of these two design elements with arched entrances, dark wood tones, and  traditional lighting paired with integrated appliances, and modern drywall.'


A kitchen with blue painted cabinets

(Image credit: Sean Litchfield. Photo credit Emily Tucker Design)

If your kitchen has a more traditional touch to it with fittings and other elements, consider adding some color for an on-trend flair. This blue kitchen is a good example of how to do it.

'This transitional style space opens up to the family room, and was designed to function as part of the overall room,' says Emily Tucker, founder of Emily Tucker Design. 'We wanted to have some color in the kitchen for a modern touch, but not so much that it felt overpowering. In the end, we settled on this Farrow and Ball Light Blue which reads as a pale green.' 


A kitchen with wicker stools

(Image credit: Bea Interiors Design)

A great kitchen island idea with seating is with wooden, cane, or wicker chairs, that when paired with a modern countertop, look striking, both in shade and in materiality. Want to add more comfort? Instead of stools which are usually the norm, go for chairs with backrests. 


A kitchen with vintage and modern elements

(Image credit: Nate Berkus Associates. Photo credit Christopher Dibble)

Within a wood-and-tile dominated kitchen that leans more on the traditional side, consider perking up the space with gold or bronze taps, handles, knobs, and more, that add a modern and glittery flair to the interior.  Make your kitchen sink among the heroes' of the room's decor, and experiment with different styles, designs, and colors of taps.

A transitional style kitchen

(Image credit: Avery Nicole Photography. Studio credit Ariel Bleich Design)

Wonderfully blending vintage and new designs, transitional-style kitchens have an unrivaled look and charm to them. These are one of the more popular styles of kitchens and will find relevance even in the years to come.

'We think transitional kitchens will always be in style because they don't follow the trends as much and they tend to incorporate classic elements interpreted in a more modern way,' says Ariel Bleich, interior designer and founder of Ariel Bleich Design. 'Interiors that have a transitional design are spaces people can easily live with in the long term while still mixing in edgier pieces to personalize their space.'

One great way to identify this style of kitchen is its simple color palette (mostly white or soft tones) and cohesive design that eliminates visual distractions like patterns and clutter. It's also common to see Shaker kitchen cabinets here, and more earthy materiality of wood and natural stone. Range hoods are often built-in or covered to help them blend in rather than stand out.

The more modern transitional styles include black and brass finishes in faucets, appliances, and tile grouts. One can find geometric tiles in more contemporary spaces, that clash with the more traditional lights, counters, or woodwork. 

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