The designer-approved accessory we're all bringing into our contemporary kitchens

The practical, but aesthetically please pot filler tap is taking the interiors world by storm this year

Pot filler taps trend in a white wooden kitchen
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We may have been a little slow to embrace the practical and aesthetic glory of a pot filler, but now they're trending, we're never going to let them go. Everybody, from the industry experts to Kendall Jenner, can't quite get enough of this modern kitchen accessory – and we can completely understand why. 

This stylish investment will elevate our interiors and create an alluring focal point whilst making our culinary experiences seem that little bit more seamless. We can't believe why we've waited this long to rushing to bring this functional kitchen appliance into our homes. 

Design enthusiasts, constant coffee-drinkers, and Kardashian superfans rejoice, this is the one kitchen trend that unites us all. Here, designers reveal why the timeless pot filler tap is having a moment and how to ensure this craze looks chic in your kitchen.

Pot filler taps trend, brassy colored tap by deVOL in a painted kitchen

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Why are pot filler taps this season's most desired kitchen accessory?

Pot filler taps, or kettle faucets, as they are best-known in the US, have made a statement on kitchen walls for centuries. However, as we become more interested in accentuating our interiors and streamlining our every day, these beautiful pieces have inevitably fallen into high fashion.

'Anyone who has ever staggered from sink to stove with a pot made heavy by gallons of liquid will appreciate the pleasures of the pot filler,' says Waterworks founder Barbara Sallick. 

'These can be discreet and simple or as elaborate and flashy as something out of a Victorian firehouse. Whatever the case, a pot filler is a wonderfully worthwhile amenity,' she adds.

How to style this century-old piece – with a contemporary twist 

Pot filler taps trend, brassy colored tap by deVOL in a painted kitchen

(Image credit: deVOL)

1. Curate your color scheme 

A pot filler will steal the limelight in any room, but pairing this piece with the right kind of colors will bring your space to glorious new heights. Los Angeles-based designer Faith Blakeney recommends pairing its brassy and metallic hues with a subtle pink that will make your home the envy of all who pass through its doors.

'Besides eliminating any distance between stove & faucet, pot fillers provide a great excuse to add a stylish fixture to the often simple and large tiled space behind the stove. While this particular fixture would add pizzazz to any kitchen, I would go bold & pair it with a Zellige tile in a pale dusty rose,' Faith says.

Mirror Faith's suggestion and invest in one of our specially-picked pot fillers here.

Pot filler taps trend, brassy colored tap by deVOL in marble kitchen

(Image credit: deVOL)

2. View your pot filler as a luxe accessory – not as hardware  

Despite their practicality, we can't help but view pot fillers as pieces of kitchen jewelry that are less like hardware and more like a piece of art. And it seems designer Henriette von Stockhausen agrees, as she urges us to see them as an aesthetic accessory. 

'I love going with the antique look that almost looks like it should be on a piece of furniture. That's a heavenly combination with a built-in kitchen. [With pot fillers] there are so many wonderful things and finishes; antique brass looks beautiful in the kitchen. It gives it that warmth. It's much softer than chrome or nickel,' Henriette explains in her discussion with Barbara Sallick. 

Pot filler taps trend, brassy colored tap by deVOL in marble kitchen

(Image credit: deVOL)

3. Experiment beyond your kitchen  

Who says pot fillers should be limited to a kitchen? With all their assets, it's only natural to want to inject its majesty throughout the rest of our interiors. Thankfully, we have the approval of designer Rande Leaman who has taken the pot filler out of its natural habitat and into the bedroom. 

'Pot fillers are not just for kitchens. We recently put one in the main bedroom [to create] a coffee and tea bar [which gave] the client access to water without going downstairs,' she says. And needless to say, we have no choice but to wholeheartedly support a coffee and tea bar in the bedroom.

Pot filler taps trend, kitchen by Waterworks

(Image credit: Waterworks)

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This is one furnishing that has only got more stylish with time – we have a feeling they're going to fill our interiors for many more years to come.

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