clever ideas for kitchen worktops

The right mix of materials will yield beautiful results in your kitchen...

Choosing your worktops is not something to be done in isolation. The materials, colours and textures you choose for your floors, walls and cabinetry will all impact your selection and the overall look and feel in your kitchen.

So consider whether the style you’re going for is luxurious and minimal, or rough hewn and rustic. Perhaps you’re after an industrial vibe or simple Shaker style?

Once you’ve narrowed down the looks you’re drawn towards, you’ll be able to simplify your decision about the worktops, as some materials will naturally be ruled out and others will contribute towards a certain aesthetic.

Think about whether you prefer natural materials, such as timber, marble or granite which will add texture and character, as they age. Most natural materials will develop their own patinas over time, and many people like the scuffs and scratches that occur as they evoke a ‘living feel’.

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If a more ‘perfect’ look is your thing, you’ll achieve this with Corian® or a composite such as quartz stone, which are generally more uniform in their colour or pattern.

It’s not just about aesthetics either, composites are often harder wearing and easier to maintain. A spray of gentle cleaning fluid and a quick wipe with a wet cloth is usually all you need to keep them in good condition, rather than the regular oiling that’s required with timber, or the polishing of some stone.

Concrete and stainless steel are both hardwearing too – and the latter will bring a professional edge to your kitchen, as it’s the material of choice in restaurant kitchens, which obviously see a lot of action.

It’s not necessary to stick to typical worktop options either, two of our favourite examples in the selection below are made with wooden flooring. And you can mix it up too, with a different surface on an island. So read on for ideas and inspiration.

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