Before & After: This IKEA cupboard hack combines storage and style in a bespoke entryway

The makeover merges high fashion with multifunctionality – whilst emphasizing the home’s Georgian assets

IKEA hallway hack
(Image credit: Sophia Hardy /

When period living meets Scandi-cool flat packs, the result is entirely functional – and always beautiful. How do we know? Because this makeover has transformed a conventional cupboard into an elegant entryway – capable of making the first impression this Georgian house deserves. 

The individual behind the IKEA hack is Sophia Hardy (, who turned to the furniture label as the basis for her entryway renovation. The designer wanted to create a space that set the tone for the rest of the home without sacrificing storage. The answer was found in the versatile Swedish label – and you can recreate the look in your home.   

IKEA cupboard hack before 

Prior to the renovation, the room exhibited scattered storage space with an overtly pink scheme. While this salmon hue is a bold painted wall idea, it did not capture the modern style that Sophia craved. 

IKEA hallway hack

(Image credit: Sophia Hardy /

‘We knew we wanted built-in storage in our hallway, so when the time came to renovate, we had a few quotes from local carpenters for some cabinets to be built. The quotes ranged from £3500 – £5500 (approximately $4640 – $7295). We knew at that point of our house renovation; this was way out of budget,’ Sophia explained.

The designer sketched out what she wanted the storage to look like – most primarily; she wanted four doors to accommodate the four people in her home. She also wanted additional shoe storage and planned to maximize the historic high ceilings by building up by three meters.

‘We’ve always looked IKEA and had the idea of using kitchen cabinets as built-in storage. At the time (2016), we had not seen this done anywhere. So, we decided to give it a shot,’ she says.

IKEA cupboard hack after 

IKEA hallway hack

(Image credit: Sophia Hardy /

Sophia used 12 wall cabinets in total – before setting up the lower four to create a ledge. She then chose shaker-style doors with low, close hinges and ordered the minimalist golden handles separately. The designer also added timber on either side of the cabinets to ensure they remain in place.

The total cost for this chic storage solution was £880 ($1167) at IKEA, plus materials to box in the units in the space. 

Plus, most recently, Sophia also shared that she will expand her hallway ideas by restyling the color and potentially adding some paneling to the space. Naturally, we’re highly anticipating what will possibly come next. 

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