IKEA Hemnes hacks – 12 brilliant makeovers using IKEA's most popular piece

From glam bedroom dressers to stylish sideboards, these IKEA Hemnes hacks offer luxe for less...

Ikea hemnes hacks home office desk
(Image credit: jonesdesigncompany.com)

The IKEA Hemnes hack is a popular DIY choice as the series comes in so many design iterations, including the famous chest of drawers and bedside tables to bed frames, day beds, shoe storage cabinets, and more.

This versatility in product lends itself nicely to creating a host of clever IKEA hacks, from elegant bedroom dressers to stylish home office desks. All you need? A few handy DIY tools and a little motivation- trust us, the results will almost certainly pay off.

The best IKEA Hemnes hacks to inspire your next DIY project

We've looked to a number of interior influencers below for the most design-driven IKEA Hemnes hacks to get your creative juices flowing and plan your next weekend project. Tool kits at the ready...

1. Give your Hemnes bedside table a glamorous glow-up

Ikea hacks

(Image credit: Leoma Harper Interior Stylist @styletheclutter)

'During the first lockdown I was on an upcycle mission,' says Leoma Harper Interior Stylist @styletheclutter. 'These Ikea Hemnes bedside tables ended up being victim to this and now have a completely new look! 

'This look was created using primer, followed by two coats of the lovely Fusion Mineral Paint in Ash. I then added some gold leafing on the drawer, and finished off with a new handle from Anthropologie. I love how a new piece of furniture has evolved through this spontaneous paint over.'

2. Create a pretty dresser for a girl's bedroom

Ikea hemnes hacks with ombre dresser for girl's bedroom

(Image credit: @mybeautyrevival)

Looking for an ultra-pretty girl's bedroom idea? Call off the search because we've found it for you. Try transforming an old IKEA Hemnes dresser with an ombre effect that any girl would love.

Brittany, of @mybeautyrevival, says: 'You can easily create an ombre effect on your IKEA Hemnes dresser by choosing three shades of a color from the same color deck from any paint supply store. This way each color has the same undertones, so it looks like a natural ombre.

'For Paisley's dresser hack we used: 

• Sherwin Williams 6332 (darkest pink stripe at the top drawer)

• Sherwin Williams 6331 (middle drawer)

• Sherwin Williams 6330 (bottom drawer)

'Finish it off with some new modern hardware and you have a custom ombré dresser!'

3. Handcraft a sweet chest of drawers for a boy's bedroom

Ikea hemnes hacks with chest of drawers for boy's bedroom by crack the shutters

(Image credit: @crack_the_shutters)

Proof, if it were needed, that boy's bedroom ideas can be chic, cool and cute at the same time. Jen @crack_the_shutters triumphs again with another brilliant IKEA furniture hack.

She says: 'Firstly we used a jigsaw to cut out panels in each of the drawer fronts, leaving enough room at the top of each to allow drawer pulls to be put on.

'We then cut thin strips of beading to size with corners at 45 degrees and used No Nails adhesive to attach them to the inside of the panels on each drawer.

'I then sanded, primed, and painted the unit - painted in Farrow and Ball Oval Room Blue in Eggshell.

'Finally, I attached French cane to the inside of the panels using a staple gun.'

4. Make a stylish desk for your home office

Ikea hemnes hack home office desk

(Image credit: www.jonesdesigncompany.com)

Who knew a Hemnes dresser (or three) could be transformed into the most stylish at home office desk?

Emily, of the Jones Design Co, turned an unused room above the garage into 'an inviting, inspiring place to work and create', and carried out a clever IKEA Hemnes hack to make the statement desk. 

'After lots and lots of research on desk options, I finally settled on a diy version – or as they say, an IKEA hack,' says Emily.' I bought and put together three of the Hemnes dressers, leaving the tops off.

'The height of the dressers is 37 3/4″ which is much too high for a desk, so we cut off the legs.

'To top the dressers, I used two 98″ pieces of countertop from IKEA. This particular counter is not solid wood – just a top layer – but it can still be oiled and sanded as needed. It came in long lengths that fit along the back wall perfectly and allowed for enough room between dressers to pull up a chair comfortably.

'Instead of using the small black knobs that came with the dressers, I switched them out for super inexpensive brass-lookalike pulls. They really give the dressers that classic modern look I was going for.'

5. Showcase a chic sideboard in the entryway

Ikea hemnes hacks entryway hallway sidebaord

(Image credit: @caricasveta.si)

Go-to grey is always a successful shade for modern hallway ideas, and we love this chic sideboard created with an old IKEA Hemnes dresser.

Urska, of @caricasveta.si, first sanded the top and stained it her preferred color. She then primed the drawers and painted them in a grey chalk paint. Finally, she swapped out the knobs for small brass ones for a smarter finish.

Make like Urska and style with beautiful ceramics and dried Pampas grass for a modern Scandi feel.

6. Get a luxe bedroom dresser for less

Ikea hacks

(Image credit: mrs_macks_home)

How many times have you looked at your tired old IKEA Hemnes dresser and thought you must give it that makeover you've been meaning to for the last few months? You're not alone.

But there are some easy designer IKEA hacks that really are easy to carry out for maximum results.

Ruth @mrs_macs_home transformed her Hemnes dresser with a lick of paint and some new brass hardware. She says: 'I gave our old IKEA Hemnes drawers a makeover with paint and a change of handles.

'I used Zinsser ALLCOAT, which is a paint and primer in one, and I applied with a mini foam roller to give a smooth finish. I found this pack of 12 brass cup handles on Amazon for just over £20 to complete the makeover.' See? Simple.

7. Transform the IKEA Hemnes day bed into a chic kids' bed 

Ikea hemnes hacks with hemnes day bed and Pretty Pegs handles

(Image credit: Pretty Pegs/@mariadesignstudio?)

Believe it or not, kids' room ideas can be cute and stylish at the same time. The IKEA Hemnes day bed actually makes a great snoozing station for kids and can be dressed up with an IKEA bed hack so easily.

Maria @mariadesignstudio simply added a beautiful bed canopy and switched up the hardware with new Pretty Pegs knobs.

Pretty Pegs says: 'The super-versatile IKEA Hemnes looks stunning with our Bill knobs, and is just the personal touch this sweet kids room of @mrsmighetto needed.

'How to change the knobs of your Ikea Hemnes day bed: Simply drill holes in the draws and screw on our Bill knobs to recreate this super easy-look!'

8. Use textured wallpaper to create a contemporary cabinet

Ikea hemnes hack with black dresser covered in textured wallpaper

(Image credit: @diy.and.chai)

Create a gorgeous, modern cabinet that would work in any room with some on-trend texture wallpaper.

Shahzadi @diy.and.chai says: 'I used paintable textured wallpaper on the drawer fronts. 

'I also removed the original legs and added other angled legs. I then painted it with chalk paint and finish by adding glamorous new hardware in brass and black for an elevated aesthetic.'

Beautiful styling with trailing plants, stacks of books, ceramics and vintage prints makes a visually appealing finish.

9. Give your dining room an upscale feel with a smoky green Hemnes hack sideboard

Ikea hemnes hacks green chest of drawers in dining room by ouracaciagrovehome

(Image credit: @ouracaciagrovehome)

How to incorporate a stylish console AND more storage into your living room? Easy - hack an IKEA Hemnes chest of drawers.

'We wanted to repurpose our existing Hemnes dresser and use it again in our new home as we loved its look and style, but wanted to change the color,' says Katie of @ouracaciagrovehome

'We’d had the dresser since we got married and knew it was time to change it up a bit. We were intrigued by the different trending greens and wanted to go out of our comfort zone and add some mid-tones to our dining room. 

'After trying out many different samples, we landed on Sherwin Williams Pewter Green and are in love with the color! It gives a little bit of mood while still keeping things feeling airy. 

'To transform this dresser, we first sanded out any imperfections and then primed. We added satin-finish paint using rollers made specially for wood and painting furniture. 

'We finished off the project with a matte-finish topcoat and have never looked back. We love how it turned out in the end and now this dresser feels like our own signature piece.'

Fancy giving this one a go? Check out our easy-to-follow guide on how to paint furniture

10. Elevate your bedroom with a sleek black Hemnes dresser hack

Ikea Hemnes hacks black dresser bedroom @zoeoliviaev

(Image credit: @zoeoliviaev)

Transform an IKEA Hemnes dresser into a high-style piece worthy of the best designer IKEA hacks. 

This super-sleek bedroom dresser was created by Zoe @zoeoliviaev. She explains: 'I removed the original handles, filled the holes and removed part of the trim so that the new pull handles would sit flush along the top of each drawer. I then lightly sanded and cleaned every surface. 

'I used a mini foam roller and a 1" brush to apply Zinsser All Coat (color matched to Farrow and Ball Railings).

'It took between three and four coats everywhere to get a flawless finish. The paint is touch dry in an hour so it can easily be done all in one day.'

11. Expand your storage space with 'built-in' shoe cabinets

Ikea hemnes hacks built in shoe storage

(Image credit: @very.big.house.in.the.country)

This is how you make the most of every inch of space... How chic are these 'built-in' Hemnes shoe cabinets? Amanda and Rowan @very.big.house.in.the.country created the look. Amanda said: 'My husband bonded some wooden side fillers so they fitted exactly into the alcove. 

'He made some feet to raise it enough to fit the skirting trim along the bottom so it had a more period vibe. 

'Then he cut some old scaffold boards to make the top and gave them a wax.

'He then primed and painted the individual panels so it was hardwearing and built it as per IKEA’s instructions.'

12. Inject an upscale feel to a Hemnes chest of drawers

Ikea hemnes hacks chest of drawers

(Image credit: @harryhomeowner)

You can't go wrong with a gorgeous grey glow-up, and this IKEA Hemnes hack is a beautiful example of how you can create a design-led piece of furniture from a very simple start.

'To transform the piece I knew I wanted something bright and colorful with new pulls to give it a luxury feel,' says Lauren @harryhomeowner. 'I primed two coats with Bullseye 1-2-3 primer. 

'I then painted the piece with two coats of Sherwin Williams Notable Hue using their ProClassic line of paint. 

'To complete the painting, I sealed the piece with Minwax polyurethane. The acrylic and gold pulls finished off the transformation.'

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