19 boy's bedroom ideas that are chic, cool and creative

We've rounded up the most stylish boy's bedroom ideas to provide all the inspiration you need to design the coolest space for your kids

Boys bedroom with drawers covered in maps
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The best boy's bedroom ideas are one's that firstly reflected the inhabitant's personality, suit your style too and have the potential to last years – you don't want to be redecorating every few years as they grow up. Boy's bedrooms should be fun, creative spaces that they want to spend time both playing and sleeping. And they aren't all about blue color schemes and pirate ship decor, we've found plenty of gender-neutral decor ideas and fun themes to suit all styles (and fear not, they are all very adult approved too!)

Just a scroll through the plenty of kid's bedroom ideas below and you'll find shark themes, dinosaur themes, jungle themes, pirate themes and space themes, as well as graffiti walls, skateboard shelves, and secret dens. Whatever their hobby, favorite sport, favorite animal, or interest, you can incorporate them into the room decor.

Even the bedroom storage gets a cool twist – like the pail-inspired bucket storage that hangs from pegs on the walls, the Lego shaped storage boxes or the pegboard wall that's used to display favourite treasures.

We're also big fans of the wall murals, the bunk beds, the games tables, skateboard wall shelves, treehouse-inspired beds and the pop art prints (who said kids can't appreciate art?)

1. Go for a stylish treehouse theme

boy bedroom ideas

(Image credit: Future)

So they want a forest-themed room? Well, who says forest-themed can't be stylish? Check out this cute boy's room idea, with a chic black and white tree canopy mural and canopy bed, both create that treehouse feel but in a more subtle way that has longevity and will grow with them. 

2. Go subtle with a cool space theme 

sharing bedroom ideas

Get the look: The Dandelion light is by Richard Hutten for Moooi. Try Aspace for a similar high-sleeper bed.

(Image credit: Richard Powers)

The space theme in this boy's bedroom is another example of how your children's passions can be incorporated into their room without totally dominating the room. The deep colors, the spacey lighting, and wall decor pick up on all things solar and lunar, but without being too obviously themed, so you could easily switch it out as their (ever-changing) tastes grow up. 

3. Hang a jungle themed wallpaper

small bedrooms storage ideas with alcove shelving and built-in desk

(Image credit: Future)

Easy way to take a simple room and turn into a magical creative space? Wallpaper. You can get so many kid-approved designs from starry skies to under the sea, but when it comes to an on-trend look you can't go round with a palm print, giving an instant jungle vibe. Paired with deep blue in this space it feels fun and fresh but it's not overly childish – you can imagine this easily turning into a teenage boy's bedroom without too much redecorating. 

4. Pick a preppy elegant look for a boy's bedroom

boy bedroom with single bed and gallery wall

(Image credit: www.ti-mediacontent.com)

Looking for a boy's bedroom idea that's a little more elegant? This boys' room feels very chic and sophisticated, with a lovely grass-cloth wallpaper, smart, monogrammed bedding and framed prints rather than posters.

5. Use their books as decoration 

kids room ideas with book ledges or shallow shelves

(Image credit: Ben Anders)

Shallow shelves are a great way of displaying childrens' books which become a gallery wall in their own right, while a pegboard provides a handy place to store superhero outfits. Plus, they take up a minimal amount of space, leaving floor space free to play. 

6. Keep it simple 

White children's bedroom with bunk beds and green sheets

(Image credit: Joe Fletcher)

If you are going for longevity in your boy's bedroom design, stick with a neutral scheme and just bring in accents of color and decor to give the room a theme. See how in this space the colors and furniture are kept for simple and then the bedding and toys bring in the fun, and these can both really easily be switched up too.

7. Make room for fun and games

Victorian terraced house in Kent

Remember that a boy's bedroom is potentially the place they are going to play too, especially if you don't have a separate playroom, so do consider making space for toys and keep some floor space clear too. Try and switch out some bulky storage pieces for wall-mounted storage if you can. 

This boy's bedroom had previously been two smaller rooms, but the stud wall was removed to make a large space to last from childhood to teenage years. The football table makes this a fun space to hang out in when friends come to play.

8. Bring in color with flags 

boy bedroom ideas

(Image credit: www.ti-mediacontent.com)

Set a cool, edgy theme with flag decor in the form of wall hangings or, as used in this bedroom, roller blinds, and accessorize with a matching rug or bedding. The Union Jack theme has a decidedly Rock 'n' Roll feel to it that will appeal to them as they get older too.

9. Build a secret den

boy bedroom ideas

(Image credit: Future)

One of these wardrobe doors opens into a 'secret room', creating a den-like space for one lucky boy. Perfect for playing with cars and trains, and keeping the mess out of the bedroom. Work with an architect to make sure you get the best design for your space, and to ensure that all health and safety measures are taken. 

10. Pick a classic nautical

boy bedroom with red and blue nautical theme

(Image credit: Future)

We love the powder blue and red color combo in this nautical-themed room, such a classic look. Designed by Katharine Pooley, everything has been thought out down to the last detail, including bed curtains, bedding, and accent cushions.

11. Incorporate a pegboard wall

kids room ideas with pegboard wall

(Image credit: Jame Merrell)

The pegboard wall is a key feature in this boy's bedroom, and was inspired by a shop design. It's super flexible as you can add on extras like shelves and hooks to build the perfect storage wall. As you can see with this kid's bedroom idea, it can also double up as some pretty cool decor.

12. Decorate with grafitti art

Teen bedroom with graffiti art

(Image credit: Rei Moon)

Looking for more teen-inspired boy's bedroom ideas? How about a football table, lego storage and graffiti art? The cool mural was bought in Holland. It’s a collaborative work by a group of Rotterdam graffiti artists and adds a stylish edge to the room.

13. Add in a reading corner

Blue boys bedroom with reading chair

(Image credit: Ben Gebo Photography)

Adding in a reading corner to any kid's bedroom creates the perfect spot for them to curl up with a book or for you to perch while you read to them. Pick something really comfy and you could use it to bring in some pattern too like in this chic blue bedroom. 

14. Make storage fun

kids room ideas with fun storage buckets

(Image credit: Paul Massey)

This light-filled space in the basement is shared by two youngsters. We love the pail-inspired bucket toy storage ideas for keeping the room tidy. And since storage is such an essential in a kid's room, make it fun and blend it in with the theme of the room. Who knows, maybe it will encourage them to tidy up.

15. Create a skateboard wall

Boys bedroom with skateboards on walls

(Image credit: Matthew Williams)

Perfect if you're on the hunt for some edgier/cool boy bedroom ideas, these neon skateboards fixed to the wall add fun pops of wild color to the otherwise neutral room.

16. Create some temporary decor with wall stickers

Blue boys bedroom with bunk beds and bat man wall sticker

(Image credit: Paul Massey)

Wall stickers are a really quick and easy way to update a kid's bedroom without committing to totally redecorating, plus are a good idea if you are renting too. A batman wall sticker adds a bit of fun to this blue bedroom and can easily be switched out as the kids get older. 

17. Take wall stickers onto furniture too 

boy bedroom ideas

(Image credit: Future)

Star wall stickers are a classic in any kid's bedroom, they add an instantly magical vibe and again can really easily be removed when needed. Don't just stick to the walls either, take them onto furniture too like in this bedroom to blend in with the walls. 

18. Go tropical 

Boys bedroom with tropical wallpaper

(Image credit: Alexander James)

The wallpaper is inspired by the Martinique design produced during the Forties and famously used at The Beverly Hills Hotel. It makes a refreshing change from the usual blue choice too. 

19. Create a Scandi vibe with an all white look 

boy bedroom ideas

(Image credit: Future)

In this bedroom white wood paneling takes on a Scandi feel, accented by the sleigh bed and painted floorboards. Sticking with such a simple color scheme means the room can be adapted as tastes and styles change. If you can't decide on a color for your boy's bedroom, keep it simple with white and you'll quickly see that their tastes and personal style starts to seep in. 


What should be included in a boy's bedroom will mostly depend on their age. For younger boys, you'll want to include plenty of spaces to play, maybe a den and a mat, and plenty of easy to access storage for toys so they can pull them out and hopefully put them away easily too. As they get old you also might want to consider adding a desk for homework or drawing.

The bed you choose is key too, try not to get too carried away buying a (undoubtedly very impressive) bed that's shaped like a car or a boat or a castle unless you are sure you aren't going to have to replace it in a year. Pick investment pieces that will last and grow as they do – with a bed that can mean literally as you could choose a model that expands.    


Blue is of course the go-to, but there are so many more color schemes that will work in boy's rooms. Yellow is a very on-trend shade in gender-neutral bedrooms, as is green but really just let your child get involved with the color choices and you want their space to reflect their tastes too. 

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