15 girl's bedroom ideas for a chic space they will love

These stylish girl's bedroom ideas prove that it's not all pink and glitter – be inspired by statement headboards, funky murals and clever storage solutions

Modern girls bedroom idea with canopy
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When it comes to girl's bedroom ideas it's all about creating a space that's calming, creative, reflective of their personal style and taste and will grow with them as those tastes change. And as with any kid's or teenager's bedroom getting it right is no easy task, you need to get the storage spot on, choose a theme and color palette with longevity and ensure it feels fun too. But don't worry, we have you covered with plenty of fabulous kid's room ideas for girls (that can of course be used for boys too!)...

'Mood images are a great place to start.' advises Nicky Mudie, co-founder of Violet & George. 'Getting a feel for what the child might want. The next stage would be to consider storage, and other aspects of the children's room, for instance, a play area and trying to make space look more stylish by incorporating more storage. Often with children's room, storage is neglecting, and the space becomes messy. The next step is how can space be made playful without losing the practicality of storage.'

1. Opt for a built in bed

Girls bedroom built bed built into a nook

(Image credit: Julie Soefer)

This attic girl's bedroom boasts a sophisticated sense of whimsy. A built-in bed makes the most of an awkward alcove nook, plus the bed features trundle drawers for handy hidden storage. Scalloped bedding adds a pretty touch to this girly but elegant scheme.

2. Mix print and pattern in complementing shades

Girls bedroom with patterned headboard and patterned wallpaper

(Image credit: Alicea Neo)

Create a pretty scheme in a girl's bedroom with a mix of lively prints across textiles, walls and accessories. This room by Singapore-based interior designer Elizabeth Hay features a confined color palette to give a considered scheme that's both gender neutral and has a classic look that will grow with them. A statement headboard completes the look and gives the space a more grown-up feel kid's will love.

'The focus should also be on fabrics, ones that are not too childish. Consider fabrics that can be maintained and will be suitable for the child as they get grow older.' advises Nicky. 'Instead, think about the accessories as the elements that have a juvenile and playful finish. Accessories can always be swapped out when the child gets older. When girls get older you need to think about hair and makeup, how you will swap out the toys for more mature elements as the child ages, this could include mirrors and dressing tables. The space needs to be able to evolve. Most importantly there needs to be a divide between the other rooms of the home and their bedroom.'

3. Go bespoke for a magical girl's bedroom

Pink and orange kids bedroom with built in bed

(Image credit: Future)

Kids love den-like space, so opting for a bespoke built-in bed that not only creates a fun and cozy sleep space but also adds some handy extra storage is a win-win. Be inspired by this design that's built into an awkward nook and yet maximized space with a bed, drawers, and cubby holes. Also loving the pink and orange color scheme going on here – the perfect twist on a monochrome pink scheme. 

4. Wallpaper the ceiling

Girls bedroom with built in bookcases and wallpapered ceiling

(Image credit: Suzanna Scott)

Lots of lovely girl's bedroom ideas to pinch from this space – the daybed, the headboard, the lovely shapes of the bookcases, but we especially love the wallpapered ceiling. Taking wallpaper onto the ceiling, rather than going with a feature wall is not only way more on-trend but there's something very whimsical about pattern on the ceiling that suits children's bedrooms.  

5. Turn a small bedroom into a bed

girls bedroom with sleeping pod

(Image credit: X+Living)

If you are dealing with a small girl's bedroom or an awkward-shaped space like a loft bedroom, why not copy this idea and turn the room, or a section on the room into a sleeping 'pod'?  Again, there's that cozy den style but is a practical use of space too, you could even add a curtain that can be pulled over for extra coziness and privacy. 

6. Decorate with sunshine colours

Yellow wallpapered girls bedroom

(Image credit: Suzanna Scott)

A yellow botanical print wallpaper creates an upbeat, sunny feel in this girl's bedroom. The upholstered headboard, Kilim rug and inlay side table all add to a subtle boho vibe that feels very stylish and grown-up and yet totally works in a kid's bedroom too. 

7. Design the elegant room of their dreams

(Image credit: Vandiver L Chaplin)

When redecorating a girl's bedroom really think about longevity. It might pain you to think of it out they aren't going to love Disney forever (well at least they won't want a Disney themed bedroom forever). So design a room that's going to grow with them, keep the layout and the decorate simple and depending on their age, skip the single bed and go straight for a double. 

This girl's bedroom is lovely and light and neutral with just a touch of pink with the drapes. Decor and soft furnishings can easily be switched out as they grow and tastes change but you won't have to worry about painting or investing in new furniture. 

8. Create a feature with whimsical furniture

girls bedroom with dollhouse shaped wardrobe

(Image credit: Anna Stathaki)

Because why have a boring wardrobe when you can store your clothes in a dollhouse? These are the kinds of pieces your children will remember for the rest of their lives and even pass onto their children, so even though they might not make it when it comes to decorating a teenage girl's bedroom, they are worth the investment for the whimsical focal point (and handy storage) they add to a room. 

9. Choose a statement headboard

girl bedroom ideas

Get the look: The bed is by Prototype Design Lab.

(Image credit: Matthew Williams)

This girl's bedroom is proof that princess-themed rooms can be subtle too! It's the huge headboard that's the focal point in and the plush, button-back velvet does have a nod to something royal, but it's stylish and chic too. Plus, it's super comfy and adds a cocooning feel to the room, as well as having more longevity than a full-on princess bed. 

10. Incorporate a day bed for sleepovers 

Yellow girls bedroom with window seat

(Image credit: Suzanna Scott)

If you have room for a window seat, they make a lovely addition to a girls bedroom. The provide a nice light, sunny spot for reading and can double up as extra storage to if you opt for a design with drawers. They can also be handy as an extra bed if big enough for sleepovers. 

11. Pick a fun theme and make it stylish

kids room ideas with canopy bed

(Image credit: Future)

So they say they want a treehouse themed bedroom? Sounds fun but how do you make it... adult approved, and by that we mean how do you take a childish theme and make it suit your own tastes (come on, we all do it!). Well, this girl's bedroom idea is the perfect example. The canopy bed is chic and modern, and will last until they are teens and yet is has that treehouse feel. The wallpaper is stylish and subtle but again there's that nod to forest  – a treehouse bedroom that both adults and children would love. 

12. Layer up the patterns

period terrace house in London

(Image credit: Photography - Alexander James, W)

This room is pink to the max, but fun are all the layers of pattern? They make the room feel more grown-up despite all the rosy hues going on, in fact there's almost a hotel vibe going on with the chic headboards and the symmetrical layout. Fun, stylish and contemporary this is a girl's bedroom that even we envy. 

13. Or opt for a calming green scheme

Pale green girls bedroom with four poster bed

(Image credit: Matthew Williams)

It doesn't have to be all pinks when it comes to girls' rooms. Pale sage green is a great color if you are after a more gender-neutral scheme.  It creates a calming effect, it’s joyful and is a great base for bold colors – or just pair with a clean white for a really contemporary classic look that's not going to date. 

14. Mix modern shapes with vintage pattern

Vintage girl's bedroom with modern bunk bed

(Image credit: Paul Massey)

Vintage meets modern in this girl's bedroom. The wallpaper actually came with the original house, and rather than paint over it with classic pink, the owners kept it and instead painted below the dado rail to give the room an update. The old-fashioned print looks so cool against the very contemporary shape of the bunk bed and prevents the room from feeling too twee.

15. Treat them to a four poster bed

apartment in Brooklyn

A four poster is surely what every girl dreams of and if you pick the right design, they can be a really stylish focal point that a teen isn't going to turn their nose up either. Check out this quirky gold bed that looks charming in a pink bedroom, paired with matching furniture and fun accessories. 

How can you organize a girls bedroom?

Storage is super important with any kid's bedroom and is an essential for keeping the place organized and clutter-free. Have a mix of storage – open and closed – so you can keep the most used items close at hand and anything that doesn't need to be grabbed can go into drawers and closets. Bins and baskets are perfect for girl's rooms as they can easily get things out and just as easily put things away too, plus they look really stylish and no one needs know about the mess that lies within. 

If the room is small or awkwardly shaped, consider going bespoke with your storage so you can really maximize space and design something that works perfectly for you and your family.  

What colors work in a girls bedroom?

Of course, pink is still always associated with a girl's bedroom, but really there are no rules or certain colors that work in a girl's room. If they like it (and you like it) then go for it. If you are unsure of a color palette, sage greens always look lovely and are very calming and serene. Neutral bedrooms like grey and white are also good options if you are looking for longevity as these are good backdrop shades that can have any style thrown at them. Sky blues are another lovely uplifting option and lavender is a good alternative to pink. 

Just get your girl involved in the process, show her swatches (if she's old enough to pay attention) and create mood boards together so she feels like the colors are a reflection of her tastes too. 

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