30 stylish teen girl bedroom ideas that both you and your kids will love

Take inspiration from these teenage girl bedroom ideas and create a space that's practical, stylish and full of personality

Bubble chair in teen bedroom
(Image credit: Future)

If you're looking for some seriously stylish teenage girls' bedroom ideas, then we have you covered. Creating a stylish, creative, fun space for your teen to hang out in, work in and escape is not the easiest of tasks – these rooms have to work hard and have many faces. 

But we've taken inspiration from the homes of the coolest designers and their teenagers, from fashion designer Matthew Williamson's wild interior and Alice Temperley's cool country home to rock chicks Daisy Lowe and Pearl Lowe's bedrooms, so there's plenty here to get you and your daughter started with designing her dream bedroom...

When it comes to redecorating your teenager's bedroom, ask yourself what it is that they really want. Or better yet, get her involved with the process, let her read through galleries with you, create Pinterest boards and wishlist, maybe it could even be...fun?

Most teenagers just want to be grown up, they crave their independence, and they don't feel like children anymore. They're probably sick of their single bed and whimsical wall stickers. And they'll probably be dreaming of a bedroom that looks more like a master bedroom. So, therefore, the inspiration for a teen bedroom should come more from a master bedroom angle than a kid's room angle. 

1. Go for high drama with a dark color scheme

Dark purple and grey teen girl bedroom idea

(Image credit: Paul Raeside)

Dark floors, a wall-to-wall gallery wall and a floral bed all add bags of drama to this teen girl's bedroom. The colors feel girly but grown up too with a slight edge to them,  so the ever-changing tastes of the occupant hopefully won't grow out of them too quickly.

2. Add comfort with an oversized headboard

Pink girls bedroom idea with large upholstered pink headboard

An oversized upholstered headboard creates a feeling of comfort in this teen girls' room. The headboard is so big, it could even double up as a pin-board for photos as the girl grows into her teen years.

3. Decorate with grown up wall stickers

White teen girls bedroom with LOVE wall sticker

Not all wall stickers are childish. This teenage girl's bedroom features a large 'LOVE' wall sticker, to very cool effect. Plus, you can't go wrong with some fluffy cushions – another tip to take from this space. Throw them on a bed, sofa or chair for a soft but stylish feel. 

4. Add a hanging chair for the perfect chill space

Hanging bubble chair in a teenage girl's bedroom

A chill-out zone is key, so how about introducing a cool, retro hanging chair in which to while away the hours? Or alternatively, add a daybed – they double up as that all-important chill-out area for when friends come over.

5. Create the ultimate grown up feel with a four poster

Gold four poster bed in a light pink bedroom

Glamorous metallic furniture mixed with quirky accessories make this the perfect room for teen girls' bedroom. And what is a more grown-up upgrade from their childhood room than a fabulous four-poster bed? 

6. Or add a cool canopy

Grey bedroom with pink canopy and herringbone wooden flooring

The canopy above the bed is the crowning glory in this room. Bronze curtain tie-backs hold the fabric in place. Designed by Harriet Anstruther, this feminine bedroom is grand, yet intimate, and beautifully blends antique pieces with modern fabrics and wallpaper.

7. Choose a bold print wallpaper for a teen girl's room

Blue wallpapered bedroom

(Image credit: Future)

This turquoise palm print bedroom wallpaper creates a vibrant, energetic vibe in this teen girl's bedroom. The door and doorframe were painted to match so the room has a bold but still cohesive style.

8. Mix gold and cream for a grown up color palette

Cream bedroom with double day bed

This teenage girls’ room incorporates plenty of glitter, but while keeping a subdued palette. And gold and cream have a lovely softness to them that feels whimsical but still grown up and elegant. Again, note the fluffy pillows. 

9. Create a quick feature wall with masking tape

painted wall ideas effect on wall using masking tape

(Image credit: Future)

You can have a lot of fun with masking tape to create graphic painted wall ideas. Blush was the starting point for the geometric color-blocking in this bedroom, but it's made to feel moodier and teen-approved when paired with the darker plum and terracotta.

10. Add a pop of bold color with quirky furniture

wallpapered bedroom with bright orange chest of drawers

(Image credit: Polly Wreford)

give a neutral color scheme a lift by adding a pop of a vivid hue. We love how this orange side table really stands out against all the muted shades and slubby textures, making it feel more fresh, young and fun. 

11. Layer up the same tones

Pink teen girls bedroom with hanging bubble chair

(Image credit: Katherine Pooley)

Interior deesigner Katherine Pooley opted for grown-up textiles for this teenage girl's bedroom, incorporating a Hermes blanket, a velvet seat pad, ikat cushions and silk curtains with a silk trim in a complementing red shade. She even upholstered the built-in wardrobe doors with a textural fabric, achieving a very smart and grown-up look.

12. Get creative with splatter walls

Teen bedroom with statement splash wallpaper

(Image credit: Future)

The walls in this teen bedroom have a wild, splatter paint effect, but are in fact wallpaper. If you're feeling brave, you could let your teen try and recreate this themselves. Then if it doesn't work out, you could always wallpaper over it.

13. Opt for a soft subtle scheme in a teen girl's room

Blue velvet bed in pale grey bedroom with pink bedding

This teeange girls' bedroom is subtle. There are hints of pink, pastels and even a floral pattern on the wall texture, but you have to look for them – it’s not an obviously 'girly' feel.

14. Clash colors for a bolder look 

blue and orange bedroom

(Image credit: Richard Waite)

Who said girl's rooms had to be pink? This powder blue bedroom still has a feminine feel thanks to the pops of color and decorative touches.

15. Add glamour with a statement light

pale grey bedroom with chandelier

In this girls’ room, a glamorous, sparkling pendant light that was snapped up at a flea market injects instant glamour.

16. Treat your teens to a boutique hotel style bedroom

bedroom with black four poster, large area rug and seating

For a boutique hotel-inspired look, that your teens will love for years, invest in a statement bed, cool artwork, pendant lighting and stylish seating. Let them get involved with the color scheme of course, but this black, pink and blue palette is ticking lots of boxes for us. 

17. Add a cozy Seating area

Blue bedroom with blue wallpaper and two small blue sofas

An inviting seating area not only makes this room feel cozy, but it's the perfect spot for girls to sit and gossip in private, or just to hang out in. A worthy investment for keeping them out of trouble!

18. Make a pink scheme more grown up 

White bedroom with pink bed and bedding

This blush pink bedroom feels calm and feminine, and won't date. Add some of their style and personality by having them pick artwork to hang above the bed too.

19. Pick and elegant wallpaper

Pink and blue teen girls bedroom

(Image credit: Future)

This girls’ room feels grown-up and elegant, thanks to the upholstered headboard, smart bedding, chandelier and wallpaper.

20.Create a make-up area

Make up area in teen girl's bedroom

How's this vanity space for a girl's bedroom? The chair is particularly gorgeous, but we also love the pinboard that's upholstered in silk. Aside from doing homework, this vanity area is ideal for experimenting with make-up and beauty routines.

21. Bring in pretty textiles

Kid's bedroom with patterned headboard, pillows and wallpaper

Create a pretty scheme with a mix of lively prints across textiles, walls and accessories. This kid's room by Singapore-based interior designer Elizabeth Hay features a confined color palette to give a considered scheme. A statement headboard completes the look.

22. Add interest with 3D texture

bedroom with textured throw pillows and statement modern bedside lamp

(Image credit: Dustin Halleck & Margaret Rajic)

A very grown-up feeling room that any teen with an eye for design would love. The space feels very contemporary with Kelly Wearstler's signature table lamp and curvaceous retro furniture, but the throw cushions add some fun and the color palette is perfect for a teen too. 

23. Create a secret door

Secret door covered in book print wallpaper

This 'secret door' was inexpensive to create, as the door is just covered with Trompe l’Oeil wallpaper. The wall and door were papered in one go, with a dark architrave and a fake skirting board completing the illusion.

24. Go all in one with built in bunk bed

(Image credit: Mark Williams)

This built-in bunk bed is extra wide, creating a double bed with trundle storage at the bottom, and a mezzanine balcony overhead – the perfect chill-out den. Rather than a ladder to climb up, the extra depth creates room for treads, closed in with a clear banister. The bunk bed even manages to squeeze in a narrow vanity area next to the bed.

25. Be extra flamboyant in a teen girl's bedroom

Matthew Williamson's pink and blue bedroom

This is fashion designer Matthew Williamson’s bedroom, and we are sure he wouldn't mind us saying there are a lot of fabulous teenage girl's bedroom ideas going on in here. Touches such as the ostrich-feather lamp and mirrored furniture add grandeur and decadence, and that color scheme is equally fabulous.

26. Contrast a vintage scheme with neon

Pearl Lowe's bedroom with vintage furniture and neon heart light

(Image credit: paul raeside)

This is Pearl Lowe's bedroom. Her vintage bedroom scheme is instantly lifted with a modern neon wall light. It gives all the floral prints and muted colors a really quirky, modern edge too. 

27. Create a gothic vibe

Daisy Lowes gothic vintage bedroom with four poster bed and white painted floorboards

There’s a Victorian Gothic vibe to rock chick Daisy Lowe's bedroom, inspired by the antique four-poster. White floorboards, crisp paintwork and that prim print wallpaper keep it looking fresh.

28. Mix pretty patterns

Blue bedroom with pretty blue wallpaper and bone inlay blue side table

Pearl inlay side tables add to the pretty feel of the floral wallpaper, and scalloped bedding gives a decorative, hotel-inspired feel.

29. Add a teen-approved single bed

kids room ideas with neutral colour palette

(Image credit: Matthew Williams)

No space for a double? Then opt for a cool single four-poster. Gloss white wood gives the four-poster a more contemporary look in this room.

30. Inject drama with an all over dark shade

dark black/blue painted bedroom with white bedding

(Image credit: Paul Raeside)

Got a teen that loves drama? Reflect that in their bedroom but going all over with a soft matte blue/black. Do the floors and ceilings too for a really cozy, cocooning look that works really well as a small bedroom idea too. Softly crumpled bedding and textured throws create a comforting, welcoming vibe against the moody backdrop.

What should a teenage girl's bedroom include?

Without stating the obvious, a teenage girl's bedroom should include a bed, but do make the bed a fun focal point as it's such a large piece of furniture that can really add something to the room rather than just be a place to sleep. A four-poster or a grown-up double bunkbed would work, or even just adding a canopy to make it feel more special. Then of course add lots of throw pillows and blankets to really cozy up the space.

Other pieces of furniture you might want to include would be some storage, say a chest of drawers or a bedside table. A dressing table would be perfect for storing make-up and could double up as a desk too if they need a quiet place to do homework. 

When it comes to decor, string lights always work. Hang mirrors too for an elegant feel and let them choose some prints or posters to decorate the walls. You want their tastes to be reflected in the space too. 

What is the best color for a teenage girl's bedroom?

The best color for a teenage girl's bedroom will totally come down to their tastes, so order paint swatches with them and get them involved with the process of choosing the color scheme. If you are after some inspiration, neutrals like grey, cream, and white always work as a nice background color that you can then introduce bold hues too – this is a good way to go if you are after a room design with longevity too as you can switch up the accent colors as their tastes inevitably change. 

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