IKEA office ideas – 10 ways to create a functional work-from-home space

From customizable desk systems to cable organizers, here are the top IKEA office ideas and hacks to create an WFH space perfect for productivity

Home office set up with IKEA HAUGA desk and bookcase
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If you need to create a work-from-home set-up quickly, IKEA office ideas are brilliant for fast, budget-friendly spaces that you'll actually want to work in. With remote working the new norm, many of us are having to adapt our living quarters not just for rest and relaxation, but to allow for productivity to flourish. 

The beauty of working from home is you don't have to bring the office's cold, clinical feeling desks, wheeled chairs and bulky filing cabinets back into your space with you. You can create a workstation that inspires creativity without having to sacrifice on your current interior style by blending office furniture beautifully into your home. The endless list of clever IKEA hacks makes it easy to organize and tailor your work zone perfectly to your needs, so the only thing you need to focus on is the task at hand. 

From customizable desk systems to sit and stand support stools, we've tapped into the minds of interior design experts at IKEA for ten of their top office ideas.

IKEA office ideas for a well-organiz

1. Use KVISSLE for all your filing needs

IKEA KVISSLE letter tray in a bookcase

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The KVISSLE range offers excellent IKEA storage hacks to keep your office organized and clutter-free. You can use the KVISSLE letter tray to sit on your desk and keep any papers you might need to hand. 'The letter tray uses the height to save space on your desk and the pull-out compartments offer easy access,' says Grant Robertson, interior design leader at IKEA UK and Ireland. 'The white metal and cork give a clean look that fits just as well in the office as at home.'

Alternatively, try using the space on your walls with the KVISSLE newspaper rack. You can mount the rack on a wall in your office, or even slot it into a filing cabinet drawer to keep everything neat and tidy. For either KVISSLE product, you can create labels for each section of the rack or each tray to keep tabs on what goes where. ‘I love the KVISSLE wall-mounted letter files,' says interior designer Jessica Welling. 'They keep paper clutter up off the desktop, and they're quick and easy to access. I probably have around 8 of these in my own home.’

2. Make your storage work with your desk area

IKEA PLATSA storage system with desk, chair and dual monitor set up

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Building storage space around your desk is a perfect IKEA small home hack to optimize your workspace. The PLATSA storage system uses both vertical and horizontal wall space to create the perfect desk-sized nook for your workstation. The cupboard doors provide subtle and discreet space to store anything you need, while still maintaining a sleek and clutter-free office environment perfect for productivity. 

Alternatively, if you're on a budget, you can never go wrong with the basics. IKEA's simple LENNART drawer unit keeps everything tucked away and can be placed conveniently underneath your desk. 'Transparent drawers give you a good overview of what you store,' says Grant, IKEA interior design leader. 'The drawer unit is also easy to move thanks to the castors.'

3. Tailor your desk to your needs with IKEA table and desk systems

Mac sitting on IKEA desk

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There are some great IKEA desk hacks that are both versatile and stylish, fitting perfectly into any home to suit anyone’s needs. The table and desk systems allow for you to create a unique and personalized workspace for your home and needs. Interior designer Jessica says: ‘I almost always use at least one ALEX drawer unit with a file drawer at the bottom to support the desktop. The desktops come in many different materials and sizes, and even so you can piece together the right size and shape for your room, and use whichever legs you like.’

Whether it’s desks on wheels, or desks combined with one of the many IKEA KALLAX hacks, there's a worktop combination that will work for you. Why not try creating your desk using their trestle option for legs? The MITTBACK trestle even has storage on the shelves between the legs, as well as allowing for the height of the table to be adjusted. If you're looking for something affordable to fit in with your current décor, IKEA interior design leader Grant recommends the MICKE desk. 'It's a clean and simple look that fits just about anywhere. You can combine it with other desks or drawer units in the MICKE series to extend your workspace. The clever design at the back also hides messy cables.'

4. Blend your office seamlessly into your living space

IKEA HEMNES bookcases and desk

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One of the great things about IKEA office furniture is how it can blend into the rest of your living space. ‘The keys to making a home office look good in your main living space are to choose nice-looking office furniture that goes with the style of the rest of your home,’ says interior designer Jessica. ‘A lot of office furniture is a bit cold and utilitarian-looking. I try to find pieces with natural finishes. Think a wood desk and an upholstered leather task chair, instead of an all-black metal desk with a black leather chair.’ 

IKEA offers a range of office and conference chairs in a range of colors and upholstery to suit any space. Desks are available in a variety of designs, including wood tones, and different colored tabletops such as sage green and navy blue. Combine these colors with whatever legs or drawer units you want for a style most suited to the rest of your home.

Another way to achieve this is incorporating one of the many IKEA room divider ideas into your space to separate work from relaxation, while still allowing the room to tie together seamlessly. The KALLAX shelves act as a greater divider to create both office and living zones in one space, providing convenient storage at the same time. You can even incorporate the KALLAX shelves into your desk, suggests Grant, interior design leader at IKEA. 'Use INLÄGG fittings to attach a tabletop and legs to a KALLAX shelving unit to create a workspace with lots of storage that coordinates with your living space.'

5. Organize your stationary with a SKÅDIS pegboard system

IKEA desk system with teal ALEX drawers and SKADIS pegboard

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The list of IKEA pegboard ideas is endless – that's what makes the SKÅDIS pegboard so versatile – but your home office is probably one of the most convenient places to use it. If your home office space is limited, you'll want to make the most of every bit of room you have around you, and a pegboard will do just that. 'SKÅDIS pegboards are great for small homes, making the most of the walls and not taking up floor space,' says interior design leader at IKEA, Grant Robertson. 

To keep your desktop clutter-free while still having any papers or stationery you may need at your fingertips with the range of accessories that the SKÅDIS system offers, including hooks, containers, shelves and clips. 

6. Take advantage of wall space with LACK floating shelves

Desk with chair and floating shelves

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There are lots of functional IKEA shelving ideas that work to make the most of any space around your home, and the office is no exception. IKEA's LACK floating shelves are a sleek addition to any workspace, particularly simple desks that offer no built-in storage. If your desk is pushed up against a wall, hanging them on that wall space will help create a cohesive and effortless look for your desk set-up. Try decorating the shelves with plants, pictures and ornaments to make a more fun and inviting workspace that won't clutter up your actual desktop, or use them to hold stationary or books.

7. Put up a desk divider for deep concentration

IKEA desk with OVNING desk divider

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IKEA is known for its innovative solutions, so where better to incorporate these than in the one space you need to work best for you – your home office. Working from home can often mean having to work off your dining room table if your home's square footage is limited. It can also involve working in the company of fellow household members, and with that can come distractions or a lack of privacy. 

To create a temporary work set-up that still allows for privacy and productivity, why not try one of the best IKEA products for office hacks: the ÖVNING desk divider? IKEA design leader Grant says: 'The ÖVNING desk divider with compartments is a great organizer that can turn any area in the home into a productive workspace, creating privacy and keeping things close at hand. It’s easy to fold up and simple to move and store away when not in use.'  

8. Decorate your space with VISBACK poster hangers

IKEA desk and sit and support stool with ALEX drawers and poster hangers

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If you're looking for a home office space that gets your creative juices flowing, then hang your inspiration up around your with the VISBACK poster hangers. Made from bamboo, the simple and affordable alternative to a frame is perfect for prints of any size, creating a distinctive look for your space that you'd want to work in. The poster hangers would also give any gallery walls you might have a more unique edge.

9. Keep your equipment mobile with storage on wheels

Desk with chair, file unit and bookcase

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Working from home gives you the option to mix up your scenery. Move freely around your home with IDASEN drawer unit on castors. With a rim around the top of cabinet to keep your items from falling off as you move it along, it's the perfect design for an adaptable work-from-home space. 

When you're not moving it around your office, the unit can be easily slid under any desk space to keep your home spacious and clutter-free. If you're staying put at your desk, then the IDASEN can still come in handy as the perfect IKEA coffee table hack to keep your computer set-up clear and free from potential spillage disasters. 'From folders and notepads to water and coffee, it provides a practical extension of your desk,' says Grant Robertson, interior design leader at IKEA.

10. Try sit and stand support 

IKEA desk and pegboard and sit and stand support stool

(Image credit: IKEA)

One of the luxuries of a home office set-up is being able to tailor your space to your exact needs. If you find the standard office chair uncomfortable, or you're sick of sitting hunched over and want to prioritize your posture, consider investing in the best of the IKEA furniture hacks the store has to offer – an active sit/stand support stool, as recommended by IKEA interior design leader Grant. 'The TRÖTTEN sit/stand desk along with a standing support such as the NILSERIK adjustable stool can be better for your health and your productivity by keeping you more active and improving your posture,' he says.

IKEA's range of sit/stand stool options don't stop there, though. If you're wanting a higher-end look, the TROLLBERGET option is upholstered in leather and available in both beige and black to give your office that sleek and sophisticated feel. The LIDKULLEN, on the other hand, allows you to achieve the same look leather-free and for a lower price. The tilting seat these options offer helps you to sit 'actively', strengthening your muscles and your spine in the process. It also spins, allowing you to easily move while seated.

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