10 glamorous bedroom ideas to create a stylish and luxurious boudoir

Chandeliers, velvet headboards, gold accents and more, these glamorous bedroom ideas are irresistibly decadent and sure to inspire a makeover...

Blue art deco bedroom with blue wallpaper
(Image credit: Michael Sinclair)

Glamorous bedroom ideas are all about turning a space into a showpiece – a room that's filled with glitz and drama and intrigue, a room that has its own personality and it's tricky to decide exactly what style it's going for and yet the eclectic look just works. 

Crystal chandeliers meet velvet headboards, bold prints meet vintage furniture and rich colors clash with vibrant tones. There's so much to be inspired by in these super glam bedroom ideas, and even if you are a minimalist at heart, we are sure these spaces will tempt you to add just a touch of glamour to your room...

1. Add sumptuous texture with a velvet headboard

Master bedroom with larger green velvet headboard with built in shelving and pendant lights

(Image credit: Future)

Is there any fabric more glamorous than velvet? Green velvet? We don't think so and we're loving the green velvet headboard used in this glamorous bedroom idea, which not only stretches right up to the ceiling but wraps around fitted shelves, adding color, glamour and drama. Low hanging pendant lamps on either side offer an out-of-the-box approach to bedside reading lights. 

2. Create a focal point with lighting

Rustic white bedroom with exposed beams

(Image credit: James Merrell)

This rustic white bedroom is giving a elegant edge with a statement chandlier – the perfect addition to any glamorous bedroom. Pick an uber-modern design like this one to juxtapose a more traditional scheme or go for a classic crystal chandelier in a more modern space to add a vintage twist. 

'Bring a refined touch to the bedroom with a crystal chandelier taking centre stage above the bed. The elaborate, intricate, and thoughtful design adds a touch of glamour and luxury to the room and creates an instant wow-factor. Often associated to the Gatsby era, the timeless design features an assortment of crystals that distribute the light in a mesmerizing fashion, creating a soft and ambient glow.' says Natalie Mann, New Product Development Co-ordinator for Iconic Lights.

3. Make the bed extra inviting 

black bedroom ideas

(Image credit: Taran Wilkhu)

Add a touch of luxury and glamour to any modern bedroom by investing in quality bedding. Give a space that hotel vibe by adding layers of lovely tactile fabrics like velvet in the winter and soft slubby linens in the summer. Pile up the pillows too, we say you need at least two propped up against the headboard for that luxury retreat feel. 

'The bed is a key focal point in our room so I always try to dress it beautifully with a great bedspread, cushions, and a throw across the bottom of the bed.' advises Chrissie Rucker, founder of The White Company. 'I change the throw and cushions depending on the time of year, white faux fur in winter, and a lighter weight more pashmina style throw in the summer. Textured layers always look fantastic on a bed.'

4. Choose a rich and glam color scheme

Dark purple bedroom with red lamp and headboard

(Image credit: Alexander James)

Rich deep shades like plum, red and dark oranges lend themselves perfectly to glamorous bedrooms, adding a sumptuous depth and creating an enveloping feel. 

Helen Shaw, Director of Benjamin Moore recommends these warmer, richer hues for the bedroom, she advises that  'Corals and pink peach tones are perfect for making a design statement. They create a rich, warm welcoming feeling with undertones of red, orange and pink. It works beautifully as an accent to a grey scheme or as a statement wall color.'

'Natural plaster tones or light terracotta shades create a wonderful earthy natural feel in a room. They look particularly eye-catching in well-lit spaces and when paired with natural materials or painted wood.'

5. Hang a glamorous mural 

dark bedroom with yellow and black mural

(Image credit: James Merrell)

A bold dramatic bedroom wallpaper or mural brings in color and texture and can be the perfect backdrop for a glamorous bedroom. As this atmospheric space proves, you just can't go wrong with an inky black paired with gold – it's the most sumptuous, luxurious color scheme and yer feels cool and contemporary too. The splashes of yellow and orange add some welcome color and work with the gold accents to warm up the charcoal walls. 

6. Layer grey shades for a stylish monochrome scheme

Grey bedroom with ornate grey furniture and faux fur rug and cushions

(Image credit: Alexander James)

A grey monochrome scheme is a classic look and always looks glamorous. Be inspired by this glamorous grey bedroom idea and pair soft grey walls with painted grey ornate furniture, textured grey bedlinen, and faux fur accents for a cozy touch. Keep the lighting low and glowing to add in some warmth with all those cool tones. 

7. Make simple furniture more glamorous with wallpaper

Bedroom with wardrobe wallpapered in pink paper with cranes

(Image credit: Future)

Wallpaper isn't just for walls, instead, use it to give the furniture a glamorous upcycle (wardrobes and chest of drawers work best) as can be seen in this beautiful master bedroom. The wallpaper is Gucci's gorgeous Heron print, the rosy hues work perfectly with the golds and creams throughout the rest of the room.

8. Go for a symmetrical layout 

Modern home with cali style mixed with classic British design

(Image credit: Lauren Miller)

There's something about a perfectly symmetrical bedroom, with matching bedside tables, coordinating lamps, perfect plump pillows. It's very luxury hotel-esque and is a simple look to recreate in your own space if you are looking for a quick glamorous update. Make the bed the focal point with a statement headboard and then arrange everything else from there. 

9. Opt for a glam four poster bed 

bedroom with four posted bed

(Image credit: Future / Jake Curtis / Marianne Cotterill)

Speaking of beds and focal points, does it get more glamorous than a four-poster bed? There's a design to suit all styles from ornate carved wooden pieces that are perfect for creating a luxe gothic atmosphere to simple and slimline shapes that wouldn't look out of place in an uber-modern, minimalist bedroom. Add a canopy for a softer, more romantic look or keep it bare for something cleaner and fuss-free. 

10. Don't forget the finishing touches

White bedroom with orange throw and green curtains

(Image credit: James Merrell)

Want to make your bedroom feel instantly more glamorous? It's all in the details, as Chrissie Rucker says, 'Small finishing touches in a bedroom make a real difference and make if feel extra special. I love to have some flowers from the garden or a pure white orchid.  A bedroom should smell lovely too, scent diffusers are fantastic for this as you can easily control the scent level by adjusting how many reeds you use. A lovely relaxing lavender diffuser makes the room feel instantly more restful as does the soft flicker of a scented candle before your go to bed.' And these are all things you can bring into your current space without having to do any redecorating. 

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