IKEA Vinyl Storage Hacks — 7 Ways To Display Your Records

These IKEA vinyl storage hacks demonstrate the best, most affordable ways to store and showcase your precious collection

(Image credit: Romina Halewat / @toujourspaloma)

Consider these IKEA vinyl storage hacks as the perfect place to preserve and display your collection and to add a decorative touch to the interiors. This piece, standing, lying, lifted off the floor, or used as a room divider can be placed in whatever way you like.

'If you're a vinyl record lover, part of the joy of collecting this kind of media is putting them on display,' says Luke Arthur Wells, an interior stylist and DIY blogger who specializes in IKEA hacks. 'During the renaissance of vinyl as a medium, people quickly worked out cheap and easy ways to make it look good. IKEA's KALLAX, for example, is the perfect size for vinyl storage, so you'll see some great hacks using this as a base.'

Take a look at these IKEA hacks offered by top designers and DIYers, and give your records the love and attention they deserve.

1. Use an IKEA BILLY bookcase to make a stylish display cabinet

A large storage unit in the living room holding records and decor pieces

(Image credit: Melanie Lissack Interiors)

Take a leaf out of Melanie Lissack Interiors' design book and make your vinyl collection part of a larger display by using IKEA Billy bookcase hacks. 'I took the Billy bookcase and gave it a complete overhaul to become a bespoke statement shelving piece,' says Melanie, founder of Melanie Lissack Interiors.

The interior designer added Art Deco-style wall lights down the center of the bookcases and wallpapered the back of the units in a cracked-gold design by Harlequin via Style Library. The unit offers the perfect place to store a vinyl collection as well as books, ceramics, vases, and plants for a design statement.

2. Create a retro look with the IKEA KALLAX

A white toned storage unit that houses records and a speaker

(Image credit: www.cuddlepill.com)

It's no wonder IKEA Kallax hacks are so popular — they're versatile pieces and can be used for bookshelves, bench storage, and display units to name a few. Their cubby holes are also the perfect size for record storage. 

'The records fit so perfectly in the little cubbies,' says Christina of cuddlepill.com. 'We were able to place my partner's record player (he was very excited about this purchase) on top. It was a nice touch to the retro feel we had going with the speakers. The only thing that we weren’t sold on? The fact that everyone knew this was an IKEA piece and that it just kind of looked, you know, basic.'

'Finally, I realized there was a way to make the IKEA Kallax our own,' says Christina. 'I fell in love with the Svea 150 legs at Pretty Pegs – they were the perfect match for our Kallax system and immediately brought it to life.'

3. Make a chic record player unit with IKEA KALLAX 

A vinyl storage unit created with Ikea KALLAX

(Image credit: Romina Halewat / @toujourspaloma)

This designer IKEA hack by Romina Halewat is one to take note of for IKEA record storage. She used the classic IKEA KALLAX to create a multifunctional (and almost retro) statement piece in this Berlin apartment. 'We just added a wooden board on the lower side, and then mid-century table legs,' says Romina. These apart, she added two KALLAX door inserts that reinvented the unit from its original flatpack heritage. 

After curating the records and adding in the speakers, she decorated the shelf in shades of blue 'to match the latest achievement (the vase on the right),' Romina shares.

4. Upgrade an IKEA VITTSJO shelving unit for an ultra-chic vinyl storage hack

A storage unit in metal holding records, a speaker and books

(Image credit: www.yellowbrickhome.com)

This creative and super-stylish IKEA shelving hack found the perfect balance of prettiness and practicality. 'The purpose for our nook: Sit. Relax. Enjoy music,' explains Scott, of yellowbrickhome.com. 'We knew this would be our funny little room to play our records, read a good book, and hang with the pets. To make this happen, we needed a place to stash our vinyl collection, and after painting the room Benjamin Moore Kendall Charcoal, we finally assembled an IKEA Vittsjo unit that was originally intended for our future kitchen renovation.'

'They’re inexpensive and well made, but because records are heavy, we needed to reinforce the glass shelves they come with for something that can bear the weight,' says Scott.

So he set about reinforcing the lower two shelves with plywood. 'We added wood shelving not only for the warm look it provides but again, to give us enough support for all of our records,' says Scott.

5. Go wall-to-wall with the IKEA KALLAX for a vinyl storage showpiece

A long and low storage unit made with IKEA products, holding vinyl records

(Image credit: @mugidingdong)

Got a vast vinyl collection? Make it the main feature in the room with a wall-to-wall IKEA Kallax hack for a show-stopping living room storage idea. The owner of this cool space, @mugidingdong, says: 'Kallax is a classic choice among vinyl collectors, as the size fits nicely. We added the legs so that we can clean it more easily – plus it looks nicer, too.'

And why stop there? Create a music poster gallery wall idea for the ultimate funky finish.

6. Channel a vintage vibe with old school speakers and IKEA KALLAX

A tall, white storage unit holding records, two vintage style speakers

(Image credit: curbly.com)

If you don't need a huge amount of space to store your records, this small IKEA vinyl storage hack is ideal. Invest in a 77cm x 77cm IKEA Kallax shelving unit, add mid-century modern legs, and finish with some vintage-inspired styling. The perfect unit for your living room

'We needed a record stand for an old (broken) record player my partner found at a garage sale and had been tinkering with all summer long,' says Alicia of curbly.com. Using an IKEA Kallax shelving unit, and a set of Pretty Pegs legs, we created a record stand that’s made up of simple lines and a little mid-century character.' Simple but effective.

7. Hang your IKEA KALLAX vinyl storage for a unique focal point

A wall-hung storage unit holding records

(Image credit: IKEA)

OK, not a hack as such, but this is a unique and stylish IKEA office idea and a way of storing your vinyl with an affordable IKEA product. Rather than the usual shelving unit on the floor, try hanging a Kallax on the wall. This way, you'll create a practical solution for your vinyl storage whilst also making a talking-point piece. 

'This is a smart, small yet airy studio with an industrial feel, where making use of height frees up floor space,' says Grant Robertson, interior design leader at IKEA UK & Ireland. 'High up on the wall there is a row of cabinets for things you don’t need daily, like files and bedding. For things you use more often, like records, a wall-hung shelf is a space-saving solution.'

What is the best IKEA box for vinyl?

If you want to store and proudly display your vinyl records, consider the IKEA Kallax 4 as it is practical and versatile, and can be molded in any form you wish. It measures 30 3/8″ wide, 57 7/8″ high, and 15 3/8″ deep, and offers ample space to organize and display an extensive vinyl collection.

3 products to set up your vinyl storage unit

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