Collab Alert: House of Hackney X Zuber

Modern, mad maximalists and a historic wallpaper house might seem like an unlikely pairing, but the result is something truly off-the-wall.

This autumn, purveyors of maximalist pattern House of Hackney is unveiling a spectacular collection of wallpaper, fabric and home accessories in collaboration with historical French wallpaper house, Zuber.

Well-known for its signature densely patterned and deeply coloured fabrics, House of Hackney have mixed up Zuber’s traditional and intricate designs with playful modernity.

Delving into the 200-year-old archives at Zuber’s headquarters in Rixheim, France, House of Hackney got to pick from the celebrated scenic wallpapers, friezes, borders and architectural trompe l’oeil designs that Zuber is known for, giving each a maximalist spin.

Some of the designs are 200 years old (the French wallpaper brand has been around since 1797), having appeared in the houses of Yves Saint Laurent, Kate Moss and even in Jacqueline Kennedy’s White House.

Zuber’s exquisite wallpapers were pivotal to the interior design of Yves Saint Laurent’s houses in Marrakech and Tangier, their captivating aesthetic reflecting the eclectic and opulent spirit of the North African country. So it’s rather fitting, then, that House of Hackney’s interpretations also recall a distinct Moroccan aesthetic.

Now House of Hackney has breathed rich colour and vibrancy into Zuber’s scenic, floral, and architectural trompe l’oeil designs, giving the historic patterns a new lease of life.

“Being given access to Zuber’s archives and observing the rich history and techniques associated with traditional wallpaper printing has been hugely inspiring,” says Frieda Gormley, co-founder of House of Hackney.

“As one of the original wallpaper manufacturers, trawling Zuber’s treasure trove of timelessly elegant designs was a delight!” she adds.

Zuber’s factory still uses the original woodblock techniques it started out with at the beginning of the nineteenth century, but with the use of digital print methods, House of Hackney has reimagined a selection of special designs for a modern audience.

The result is a sumptuous myriad of souk-style prints that promises to transport the beguiling exoticism, romance and jewel-box colours of Marrakech into homes around the world.

One of the stars of the show is the ‘Mamounia’ print, a patterned stripe in three colourways (which you can see in action in the House of Hackney founders’ kitchen).

The autumn pieces also include other striking designs, such as the ‘Saber’ tiger design, which pops up on cushions and chairs.

SABER ‘Bloomsbury’ Love Seat in Midnight, £3,495 from

“It’s a completely new take on our timeless designs,” says Guillaume Pommier of Zuber’s London office.

This collection will be available from September 2018.

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