Design Project: A 1920s Bungalow Was Given A Bright & Neutral Makeover

A 1920s bungalow was facing demolition, but has now been restored and given a new lease of life with a modern interior...


A young couple in Houston, Texas, purchased a 1920’s Heights bungalow that was begging for a transformation. Rather than demolish the home, the homeowners opted to restore it, unveiling the natural beauty that lives within.

In order to give this timeworn home a fresh lease on life, the Marie Flanigan Interiors team decided to focus on architectural updates that would lend a contemporary vibe while stylishly preserving the integrity of this historic home. The roofline was extended, creating a bold new façade that spans three directions, and the floor plan was opened up, allowing for a fresh, modern feel. Custom built-in cabinetry spans most of the home’s spaces allowing for ample, much-needed storage while contemporary plumbing and lighting fixtures enhance both style and function.

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Inside the home, Marie Flanigan focused on incorporating traditional craftsman-style elements, including transom windows and coffered ceilings, in order to remain true to the historic architecture found throughout the Heights neighbourhood.

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The open-plan kitchen features a light, white scheme with a charcoal coloured kitchen island and breakfast bar. Marble tiles create a pretty splash back behind the hob, and also wraps around the the kitchen countertop.

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There are no walls separating the kitchen from the dining or living spaces, so you can be cooking in the kitchen and still chat to guests or keep an eye on the kids.

The kitchen peninsula helps to zone the kitchen area, as do the kitchen island pendants which are a different style from the lighting above the dining table and coffee table. In the background, pillars (with clever built-in storage for glassware and vases) help to zone the living area and make it feel cosier.

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A wood chandelier above the dining table creates a calm, relaxed and neutral atmosphere.

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The woven seats on the dining chairs plus the two linen-covered dining chairs all tie in with the natural aesthetic.

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Furniture and accessories were driven by the desire to effortlessly blend classic pieces with more modern ones, creating a home that is at the height of both comfort and style.

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There are antiques throughout, including an antique Chinese high back accent chair in the living room.


There’s a darker colour palette in the study, with walnut woods and navy curtains.

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Here there’s also an eye-catching vintage Valenti leather campaign chair.


Two young children share a room. The colour palette and design is simple, so that it can be updated easily.

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Clipboards mounted to the wall allow for a constantly evolving showcase of artwork.

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The pistacchio from the bedspread comes back in a throw cushion on the armchair, and in the bunting and cot mobile.

The cot mobile features little fabric birds perched on real branches, suspended mid-air on fishing wire.

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A reinvigorated colour palette pairs nicely with timeless hard finishes including the use of natural stone and hexagonal tiling, a common sight in homes from the 20’s.

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Antique furnishings play an important role in the home’s design, infusing spaces with a unique sense of history that aptly highlights the property’s historic character.

This includes the authentic French jug lamps on either side of the bed, and the antique oushak rugs throughout.

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There’s a seating area in the master bedroom, separated from the sleeping area by a set of pillars.

This creates a cosy nook in which to escape with a book.


The en-suite bathroom has a traditional look, owed to the walnut vanity.

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Custom built walnut shelves compliment the vanity unit and make the most of an awkward alcove space behind the door. The marble countertop ties in with the rest of the marble bathroom.

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A wrap-around porch provides ample space for people-watching…

… or for enjoying a drink in the late afternoon light.

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