Nursery Ideas: 29 Stylish Schemes For Baby Bedrooms

29 stylish nursery ideas for the youngest member of the family

nursery ideas with painted mural by beata heuman
(Image credit: Photography by Simon Brown)

Looking for nursery ideas to decorate a baby's bedroom? We've found the best kids room ideas specifically for nurseries. Whether it's for a baby girl or a baby boy, and whether you're looking for something bright and colourful, or calm and Scandi-inspired, we've found some gorgeous baby room ideas to inspire you.

Add texture via gorgeous canopies, upholstered headboards, textured rugs, and plump curtains. Soft toys and stuffed animals like an oversized giraffe also add interest and texture, and rocking sheep are a fun option too. Instead of framed pictures you could also opt for a patterned quilt or throw – both for on the bed and for on the walls.

When it comes to walls, we love how interior designer Beata Heuman hand-painted a mural for her toddler's bedroom, but we're not all blessed with her talents – so you could add wall-to-wall pattern via a striking mural or wallpaper instead. Below we've found some cool ones, from Calico's metallic wallpaper based on Nasa satellite imagery to Eleanor Bowmer's fun, wild prints. For paint options, you could have some fun with painting cool shapes and patterns on the walls using masking tape, or make like mural artist Lucy Tiffney and doodle on the walls to your heart's content – with erasable chalk pens, of course.

Renting, or unable to change the colour of the walls? Upholster a large screen in a fun fabric instead. This way it's easy to switch up when your child grows out of the pattern, plus a screen is a handy way of hanging clothes for the next day. For more pops of colour (without taking to the walls), we love how interior designer Katharine Pooley used framed colouring pencils, and arranged books by colour to inject colour into a child's bedroom.

And don't forget floors and ceilings, too; use your floors to inject some fun into the room, whether with a fun patterned rug or carpet, or a painted pattern on wood floor boards. Ceilings can be a great place for wallpaper (how about flying birds, or a starry night sky?) – wallpaper will last longer when it's out of reach from sticky fingers.

See all our decorative nursery ideas below...

1. Painted Mural

This toddler's bedroom features a striking hand-painted mural by her mother, the famous interior designer Beata Heuman.

nursery ideas with painted mural by beata heuman

Get the look: The headboard is upholstered in Beata Heuman's Palm Drop Linen design in Blue Plaster.

(Image credit: Photography by Simon Brown)

2. Cosy Teepee

A cosy teepee and a sheepskin rug soften the look in this nursery room. This baby’s room has the most glamorous wallpaper going, using satellite imagery from Nasa. 

nursery ideas with teepee

Get the look: The wallpaper is by Calico. This is The Rocker chair by Ernest Race. Find a similar tepee at Etsy.

(Image credit: Photography ⁄ Matthew Williams)

3. Nasa Wallpaper

Here you can view the wallpaper up close, which uses satellite imagery from Nasa.

nursery ideas with metallic wallpaper

Get the look: The wallpaper is by Calico.

(Image credit: Photography ⁄ Matthew Williams)

4. Layer soft textures

Pink walls make this little girl’s room very girly, while the rug and pouffe give it a more neutral, layered look.

nursery ideas with lots of texture

Get the look: Design by Casey Keasler of Casework interiors.

(Image credit: Photography / Haris Kenjar.)

5. Graphic wallpaper

There’s a dazzling array of kids’ wallpapers out there, but Westwood simple but ingenious design hits the spot here with a squiggle pattern.

nursery ideas with graphic wallpaper

Get the look: The Wallpaper is Vivienne Westwood’s Squiggle. The chair is Designers Guild and the picture was bought in India.

(Image credit: Paul Raeside)

6. Chalkboard walls

Smother the walls in a black chalkboard paint and have fun doodling on the walls with some erasable chalk pen markers. These days you can also find magnetic blackboard paint, so you can play around with fun magnets on the walls too.

nursery ideas with chalkboard paint mural

Get the look: Paint range from Annie Sloan, mural painted by Lucy Tiffney

(Image credit: Annie Sloan)

7. Use a screen to add changeable pattern 

Whether you're renting or just not wanting to commit to a full room of wallpaper, upholstering a large screen in a fun fabric is a fantastic alternative. You can use the screen to soften a wall while adding a fun print or pattern – plus you can use it to hang things from too, like outfits for the next day.

nursery ideas with patterned curtains and an upholstered screen

Get the look: This is the Little Bear fabric from the My World Collection by Prestigious Textiles, £21.36 per metre.

(Image credit: Future)

8. Punchy Pattern

We love Eleanor Bowmer's punchy prints, and this jungle mural wallpaper would make any nursery, kids room or play room a fun and cheerful space.

nursery ideas with bold colours and wallpaper

Get the look: Jungle mural wallpaper by Eleanor Bowmer, available from

(Image credit: Future)

9. Rainbow Colours

Interior designer Katharine Pooley adds a big dose of fun colour to this nursery in the most chic way; by grouping books by colour, and with framed colouring pencils. Just gorgeous.

nursery ideas with rainbow colour scheme

(Image credit: Katharine Pooley)

10. Cloud & Rainbows

Or you could take a rainbow theme more literally with a painted rainbow on the walls. Here a rainbow is painted in muted, pastel shades instead of the more harsher primary colours.

nursery ideas with cloud and rainbow on wall

Get the look: Paint colours from Dulux

(Image credit: Dulux)

11. Neutral colour and pattern

Moving away from traditional rainbow colours altogether, this patterned wallpaper from Hibou Home offers a more neutral approach.

nursery ideas with neutral scheme

Get the look: Hibou Home wallpaper available from

(Image credit: Future)

12. Decorate the floors

Use your floors to inject some fun into the room, whether with a fun patterned rug or carpet, or a painted pattern on wood floor boards.

nursery ideas with patterned floor

Get the look: This starry carpet is from Carpetright

(Image credit: Carpetright)

13. Star themed

A star theme gets a more vintage look with an iron cot and linen canopy.

nursery bedroom ideas with starry wallpaper

Get the look: starry wallpaper from

(Image credit: Future)

14. Seating area

Two mini wing back chairs, a small side table, sophisticated curtains and a clean window ledge with pretty picture frames create a grown-up look in this chic nursery by Katharine Pooley. 

nursery bedroom ideas with seating area

Get the look: Fabrics from Colefax and Fowler. Curtain Fabric is from De Le Cuona. Trim is from Claremont. Height measure is from Linley.

(Image credit: Katharine Pooley)

15. Vintage inspired

We love the elephant patterned wallpaper and vintage-style furniture in this bedroom design by Katharine Pooley. It would work well for a young child, a toddler, or even in a baby's room as the bed could be used as a daybed until they're old enough to sleep out of the cot. Under-bed trundle storage keeps toys and clutter out of sight. 

nursery bedroom ideas with pretty wallpaper and vintage bed

Get the look: Wallpaper is from Sanderson. Cushion is from Chelsea Textiles

(Image credit: Design by Katharine Pooley)

16. Add interest to a white scheme

This dreamy nursery features an imaginative wallpaper. The lack of colour keeps things calm and restful.

nursery bedroom wallpaper

(Image credit: Paul Massey)

17. Spell it out

In this stylish nursery designed by Alessia Mainardi, letter cushions spell out the child's name on the shelves.

nursery ideas with elephant chair and name letters

(Image credit: Alessia Mainardi)

18. Vintage car

In the same nursery, a vintage car adds another fun touch.

nursery bedroom ideas with vintage toy car and canopy cot

(Image credit: Alessia Mainardi)

19. Add a bean bag

Meanwhile a bean bag offers a cosy pillow for a baby or toddler to laze on, while also acting as a footstool for propping up feet while reading or breast feeding.

nursery ideas with bean bag seating

(Image credit: Alessia Mainardi)

20. Energise with bold pops of coral

We love how a small pop of coral energises this calm, pistacchio space. 

nursery bedroom ideas with contrasting coral colour

Get the look: The green paint is from

(Image credit:

21. Reading Ledge

A handy reading ledge keeps books within easy reach.

nursery idea with book ledge

(Image credit: Dulux)

22. Statement Shelves

We love how these wall shelves are nice and deep, and stretch from wall to wall. You can use shelves to create fun and interesting displays, whether that's seasonally inspired, led by your child's interests, or used to create something whimsical like these wood cut-outs and branch.

nursery bedroom with tall shelves

(Image credit: Paints from Dulux)

23. Cloud pendants

The ultra soft sheepskin Coronum chair and the muted tones of the Raindrops rug, paired with the cloud like lighting, establishes a beautifully calm atmosphere in this nursery. The round lines of the chair and the Coronum coffee table make this room child friendly, yet sophisticated.

nursery bedroom with cloud lighting

Get the look: Chair – Scarlet Splendour Snow White Coronum Armchair. Rug – Scarlet Splendour Raindrops Pistachio Rug. Table – Scarlet Splendour Snow White Coronum Coffee Table Small.

(Image credit: Designed by Jannat Vasi)

24. Half & Half

Can't make your mind up between two colours? Who said you have to choose? Double up and divide the wall in half. 

nursery bedroom ideas two tone

2Both paint colours are from

(Image credit:

25. Rocking Sheep

A woolly rocking sheep (or we recently spotted a cool rocking mammoth too, via cuckooland) adds instant texture and creates a playful look. 

nursery bedroom ideas with rocking sheep

Get the look: Wall paint from

(Image credit:

26. Green & Plum

Green and plum colours are an unusual choice for a bedroom but the pairing works, and the plum is further brought into the room with the bunting and soft furnishings, warming the olive tones. 

nursery bedroom with green purple colours

Get the look: Paint colours from Dulux

(Image credit: Dulux)

27. Mustard and navy

Mustard and Navy works as an unusual colour pairing too, but we're particularly taken with the funky way the walls have been painted; using masking tape to create a school-inspired grid-paper pattern. Clever.

nursery ideas with navy blue colour scheme

Get the look: Paint colours from Dulux

(Image credit: Dulux)

28. Wild Western themed

A Nevada theme is a hint of cowboy, but done in a more eclectic way, with earthy shades and leather, kilim and feather accents. 

wild west themed nursery bedroom idea

Get the look: Paint colours from Dulux

(Image credit: Dulux)

29. Block out the light

Shutters, like these colourful ones from California Shutters, help block out the light better than curtains, creating a better night's sleep during lighter summer months.

nursery bedroom idea with shutters

(Image credit: California Shutters)
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