Stylish Nursery Bedroom Ideas

29 stylish ways to decorate your baby's nursery

Looking for nursery decorating ideas? We’ve found the best baby room ideas from the Livingetc archives. Whether it’s for a baby girl or a baby boy, and whether you’re looking for something bright and colourful, or calm and Scandi-inspired, we’ve found some gorgeous baby room ideas to inspire you.

Add texture via gorgeous canopies, upholstered headboards, textured rugs, and plump curtains. Soft toys and stuffed animals like an oversized giraffe also add interest and texture, and rocking sheep are a fun option too. Instead of framed pictures you could also opt for a patterned quilt or throw – both for on the bed and for on the walls.

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When it comes to walls, we love how interior designer Beata Heuman hand-painted a mural for her toddler’s bedroom, but we’re not all blessed with her talents – so you could add wall-to-wall pattern via a striking mural or wallpaper instead. Below we’ve found some cool ones, from Calico’s metallic wallpaper based on Nasa satellite imagery to Eleanor Bowmer‘s fun, wild prints. For paint options, you could have some fun with painting cool shapes and patterns on the walls using masking tape, or make like mural artist Lucy Tiffney and doodle on the walls to your heart’s content – with erasable chalk pens, of course.

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Renting, or unable to change the colour of the walls? Upholster a large screen in a fun fabric instead. This way it’s easy to switch up when your child grows out of the pattern, plus a screen is a handy way of hanging clothes for the next day. For more pops of colour (without taking to the walls), we love how interior designer Katharine Pooley used framed colouring pencils, and arranged books by colour to inject colour into a child’s bedroom.

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And don’t forget floors and ceilings, too; use your floors to inject some fun into the room, whether with a fun patterned rug or carpet, or a painted pattern on wood floor boards. Ceilings can be a great place for wallpaper (how about flying birds, or a starry night sky?) – wallpaper will last longer when it’s out of reach from sticky fingers.

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