Sharing Kids Room Ideas

Twice the fun...

Whether you go for a shared kids room due to lack of space, to free up a room for other things (hello cinema room / home office / laundry room) or because the children choose to, there are many cool and stylish ways to decorate a shared space.

You may be looking for girls’ bedroom ideas or boys’ bedroom ideas, but don’t let space issues keep your kids from having a bright and fun bedroom.

Traditional bunk-beds are the obvious space-saver. Stylish bunk beds look fun and free up floor space for wardrobes, chest of drawers or desks. If budget is no issue, bespoke bunk beds like those below can allow for more creative twists; stairs leading to the top (instead of a ladder), a slide to come down, and even an under-bed play area or homework station.

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There are also plenty of ready-made options around – finding a kids bunk beds that incorporates storage will also help increase floor space to leave even more room for playing.

From tree houses to innovative takes on the mezzanine, the coolest kids’ beds are multi-level masterpieces that are integrated into the architecture of the room. These structures give children a space that they not only sleep in, but are also somewhere they can work, play with their toys and socialise.

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Twin beds can look lovely too, as the examples below show. Create drawers under beds for extra storage, and give them some vava-voom with matching tall headboards. For a more bespoke approach, create headboards with built-in shelves to allow the children to display some of their favourite items and keep toys, trinkets and other items off the floor.

Add further personality and pizazz with some fun and funky kids’ wallpaper, a cool map mural or some vibrant illustrated fabrics.

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