Villa Nova’s Debut Children’s Range Brings High Design To Kids Rooms

And frankly, we're a little jealous.

Romo has revealed its first children’s focused collection with Villa Nova’s Picturebook, bringing enviable pattern and colour to kids’ bedrooms.

This is the Island Hopping fabric by Christopher Corr

Imagine wall-to-wall super detailed illustrations of far-flung destinations, multicoloured decorated animal designs and watercolour night skies. Add in  a chic night scene of New York City (complete with yellow taxis), tropical toucans, lush jungle scenes, playful pups and pretty woodlands, and you have an idea what the colletion involves. Each option features free-spirited brushstrokes and loosely drawn figures.

This is the Sundance pattern by Christopher Corr

And the patterns aren’t just for fabrics, wallpapers and murals, they adorn wall stickers, cushions, trimmings and coordinating rugs too, so they’re great for creating cohesive colour schemes.

This is the Monkey Bars paper by Frann Preston-Gannon

Villa Nova (part of the Romo group) launched the debut collection in collaboration with three renowned picture book illustrators; Frann Preston-Gannon, Christopher Corr and Yuval Zommer, each one bringing their unique  style to the table.

Frann Preston-Gannon, Yuval Zommer and Christopher Corr in front of their designs

Frann Preston-Gannon’s designs explore animals in their habitats; Chris has captured the intrigue and excitement of adventurous travel; while Yuval was tasked to express his love of nature, wildlife and insects.

One of Yuval’s insect designs

Understandably, the scale of the design for a fabric is vast compared with the pages of a picture book, so the collaboration came with its challenges. But Villa Nova managed to tranform the artist’s initial illustrations into a repeating fabric or wallcovering, working closely with the illustrators – the final designs reflecting every hand-drawn element and painted brush mark.

This is the Turtle Reef patten by Frann Preston-Gannon

Christopher Corr’s work takes a great deal of inspiration from his global travels.

This is Christopher Corr’s Island Hopping design

In fact, his love of cities is reflected within his work, particularly ones where old meets new.

This is Christopher Corr’s Island Hopping design

Corr creates astounding imagery of scenes from around the world, and crazy, complex cityscapes.

This is the NYC Wall Mural by Christopher Corr

He works in gouaches, painting on handmade papers as though he’s using a pen.

This is the NYC Wall Mural by Christopher Corr

Villa Nova was drawn to Christopher Corr’s work as his illustrations are so vibrant in colour and vitality in subject matter that they lend themselves perfectly to cloth and wallpaper.

This is the Twinkle Twinkle In The Night wallpaper by Christopher Corr

The patterns are repeated onto complementing rugs and accessories too.

Christopher Corr’s Twinkle Twinkle In The Night pattern also comes as a rug

Meanwhile, Frann Preston-Gannon is known for her visually spectacular unique style that’s been described as a digital collage that is created by layering textures and colours.

We can’t get enough of Frann Preston-Gannon’s Dusky Amazon Wall Mural

We love the attention to detail and layered scenes of each design.

The Dusky Amazon Wall Mural also comes as a fabric, and printed onto cushions

Her first picture book, The Journey Home, was published in October 2012 and was short-listed for both the Waterstones Children’s Prize and the Cambridgeshire ‘Read it Again’ Book Prize.

Frann has also designed arctic and underwater scenes, such as this Arctic Bear and Turtle design

After working as a creative director at a leading advertising agency, Yuval Zommer’s passion for picture books won out and he is now the author and illustrator of several highly acclaimed children’s books.

Yuval’s Busy Buzzy Wall Mural is perfect for kids’ rooms

His designs are characterised by the tiniest details of the smallest life forms in the natural world; each creature has expressive faces with individual hairs and tiny wings and whiskers.

Yuval’s Walks design would set our tails wagging

Jealous? Who, us?

The Villa Nova range is available worldwide through an extensive network of selected interior designers and retail outlets.


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