The 12 Best Table Lamps Our Editors Are Buying — 'They're the Perfect Finishing Touches'

The best table lamps decorate just as much as they illuminate. This round-up from a Livingetc style editor expertly pins down the best of both worlds

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Just the other day, I interviewed a seasoned design professional — Monica Reese, director of private brand style at retailer Lowe's — who likened the use of lighting in interior design to the use of jewelry in fashion. Both have the power to make or break the vibe of a space or the look of an outfit, yet they are both often disregarded, or, at the very least, put off until the last minute. When done right, however, they can elevate and transform with the flip of a switch or the pinch of a clasp.

'Playing with lighting to tell your personal style story is fantastic,' Monica said. 'You can have a room that's very neutral or very simple and depending on the light you put in it — if I put in a woven orb or a basket shade light — it's going to feel more modern farmhouse, but if I put something that's got some brass and rope and some really elegant shapes, it can feel more transitional or modern.'

As you continue to style your Maison with treats from the best home decor brands, that jewelry metaphor is one worth keeping in mind. Lighting is such a crucial element of a room — it's hard to overstate its importance and how it factors in with couch fabric, paint texture and color, and more. There are always the overhead lights, but floor and table lamps or natural light are often the better option if you can swing it.

In keeping with the spirit there, I've rounded up a few of the chicest, most stylish table lamps on the market right now, all of which play into different trends at different price points. They're the perfect finishing touches, ideal for adding a glow to those dull corners. I can guarantee there's something here for everyone — no matter your taste in jewelry, er, I mean, lighting ...

12 of the best table lamps

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How big should a table lamp be on a table?

When buying a new table lamp, you want to make sure the size of the lamp doesn't dwarf the table on which it's sitting. The 'general rule of thumb is to not have your lamp be 1.5x taller than the table it sits on,' Dara Greaney, founder and CEO of, an e-commerce lighting retailer, told me.

'Or an easier way to think about it,' he continued: 'Don't let the lamp be higher than eye level.' If it is, it will 'overpower the room,' which isn't what you want if the 'purpose of a lamp is more for task/ambient lighting.'

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