The 12 Best Table Lamps For Your Bedroom — Comforting, Warm, and Perfect to Help You Relax

Finding a table lamp for your bedroom is no easy feat, but Style Editor Brigid has the download for anyone who's currently on the hunt

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Your bedroom should be your sanctuary. In fact, I'd go so far as to say it's the one place in your life that should, above all else, be peaceful, calming, and zen. Other rooms and spots can channel that same vibe, of course, but it's gotta be your bedroom before it can be anywhere else

So much of that vibe curation has to do with light. The best option for illumination is and always will be natural light, but that's not always possible. Plus, what are you to do at night, when you're forced to turn on the 'big lights'? Well, today, we're discussing a solution available at all of the best home decor brands — the bedroom table lamp, one of the best table lamps to buy.

The perfect bedside or bedroom table lamp probably has a 'fabric shade, as the light illuminates out, creating a nice ambiance,' Kristine Renee, interior designer at Design Alchemy, told me. Bedside lamps are also a 'great opportunity to introduce color, pattern, and bold metallics, and don't forget about the shade — there are some great fun fabric shades on the market.'

Today, we're going to go on a journey through the world of bedside and bedroom table lamps, one you can hopefully shop according to Kristine's expert advice. All of these table lamps should feel warm and welcome in your bedroom space, blending perfectly with your decor without evoking a vibe reminiscent of say, an entryway or living room. It's fine low and I'm here to tow it. So let's get shopping! (And don't forget to check out my edit of the best blue and white table lamps afterward).

12 of the best table lamps for the bedroom

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What size should a bedroom table lamp be?

The ideal size for a bedroom table lamp really depends 'on the overall scale of the room, especially the ceiling height, as well as the height of the headboard and the size of the nightstands,' Kristine told me. If you're sleeping in a smaller room with lower ceilings, she suggests finding a 'shorter, squatter lamp base (under 27") as we don't want to over power the room.' But if you're rich in space, 'we recommend going with a larger and taller style lamp to pair with a larger scale nightstand.'

Which type of light is best for a bedside lamp?

Warm lighting is always the best option for a bedroom, and something with a dimmer is 'even better,' Kristine explained. 'You want to create a moody environment in the bedroom, and soft lighting is definitely the way to set the tone.' Avoid LED and cool-toned bulbs, 'as these harsh lights tend to create a more clinical vibe.'

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