The Best Blue and White Table Lamps Add the Perfect Coastal Calm — Shop Our Definitive Edit Now

Blue and white table lamps can feel so antique and nostalgic, but there are plenty out there that offer a modern spin. Take a peek at both options below.

blue and white table lamps on a colorful background
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When paired together, the colors blue and white evoke a quintessential antique vibe reminiscent of grandmothers' and urban aunts' homes nationwide. And I mean that as a compliment, first and foremost. Typically arranged in some sort of floral motif, a blue and white pairing feels delicate, fragile, and nostalgic, a vestige of interior design past.

It makes sense, then, that blue and white table lamps would constitute some of the best table lamps to imbue a touch of timeless elegance into your living room. They have a vintage air about them and can act as an excellent point of contrast in a more modern living room. They're not terribly hard to style, either.

'For the actual lamp, choose a bulb and shade that will complement the two colors,' said Dara Greaney, founder and CEO of 'Don’t choose too bright of a bulb. Opt for a bulb with dimmable options.' You might also choose to select a 'solid shade, such as cream or white, to keep it from becoming too busy,' and then incorporate color 'within other pieces of the room (blankets, pillows, etc). Style it in a room that has neutral colors or tones that will complement blue and white.' Meanwhile, Stephanie Purzycki, creative director and founder at The Finish, recommends styling a 'blue and white lamp with a custom shade. Our personal favorite is using Fermoie fabric to create the shade,' she told me.

Now that my round-ups of the best minimalist table lamps and white table lamps are done, I've turned my attention toward sourcing the best blue and white table lamps for anyone in need of something just a little different. This is a style that really speaks to me, so I'm so glad to share some editor-approved picks here with you today. It's going to be lit! (Get it?)

12 Livingetc-approved blue and white table lamps

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How do you know if a lamp is vintage?

Part of the appeal of a blue and white table lamp is its proximity to the vintage space. You might even be looking for a vintage one to decorate your space. But it can be hard to sus out an antique from the real thing.

The easiest way to tell if a lamp is vintage is if it is 'made of materials such as glass, brass, wood, bronze or ceramic and if it has old electrical wiring, sockets or bulb attachments,' Dara said. 'The design of the lamp can also be a big indicator. For example, mid-century or Victorian designs' might indicate that something is vintage. Otherwise, 'most vintage lamps have a company name, date, and maker's mark on them,' Stephanie added. 

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