The 12 Best White Table Lamps Have Me Dreaming of a Neutral Living Room — And Many Are Under $100

White table lamps are inherently chic. Maybe it's the color (or lack thereof), maybe it's the design, but either way, I'm here for it.

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Listen, I love color. In my early teenage years, I preferred to avoid it, worried that if someone looked at me too long I might disappear. But now, years away from those high school-induced sensibilities, I lean into color in every way I can.

Despite this penchant for ROYGBIV, however, I still love neutrals. There is something so chic and elegant about them; design-wise, they seem much harder to mess up, even when it comes to designing or selecting one of the best table lamps

There is much to consider when picking the table lamp that's right for your space. For starters, figure out why you need the lamp, said Dara Greaney, founder and CEO of, an e-commerce lighting retailer. 'Is it for decor? Or is it for task lighting, like reading/studying? This will help you narrow down your choices.' Think about the size of your living room and how lit you'd like it to be, as well as the size of the table on which your lamp will sit. 'These are all questions that will help you pick out the best lighting layout,' Dara told me.

Of course, you should also consider the feel of the room as is and what design elements you've already included. And to that end, there is probably no lamp more versatile or complementary than a white table lamp; it goes with everything and its classic neutral tone will likely blend in with your space for a cleaner aesthetic. Dara's advice in mind, I've done a quick edit of the white table lamps on the market right now, all of which range in price, style, and tone so you can find the right option for you. Dark corners be gone!

The 12 best white table lamps

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Should every lamp in a room match?

Let's say you start designing your room with a white table lamp in mind, but also know you like color and more avant-garde pieces, as well. Can you mix both styles?

As it turns out, it all 'depends on preference,' Dara said. 'Some people may enjoy the mix-match look, others may want a more cohesive design.'

Here's a good rule of thumb to follow: 'If you want the same light source, they should match,' Dara said. But 'if the lamps serve different purposes, then it might be better for them to vary in style.'

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