The 12 Best Table Lamps For Living Rooms Are Perfect Pieces To Keep On Show, Amping Up Your Decor

A table lamp for your living room is a crucial piece of the interior design process. Luckily, shopping expert Brigid Kennedy has found plenty of options for everyone

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I've decided that, where possible, I'm done with the so-called 'big lights.' You know, the overhead flush mounts that easily illuminate the whole of a space, but don't call to mind an exactly vibey feel? The way a room is lit says so much about its energy — is it for relaxing? socializing? sleeping? — so you have to be sure you're not undermining that by stuffing it full of harsh white light from the ceiling. Instead, I'm opting to lit my space with a variety of softer (and my stylish) lighting options, like floor lamps, table lamps, sconces and more.

This quest is particularly important in the living room, the hub of most hosting, socializing, and relaxing. The best table lamps are often ones that not only work in this space functionally but complement the vibe from a decor perspective, as well. 

'To choose a table lamp for your living room consider the style of the space,' said Jane Barnes of Jane Barnes Interiors. 'Take into account the overall style and aesthetic of your living room, your table lamps should complement the existing design.' You should also 'pay attention to the size and scale of the table lamps in relation to the furniture and the room itself,' as the goal is that the height and width of your lamps create a 'nice balance' of thin/tall versus squat/chunky.

Today, we're taking a look at some of the best table lamps for your living room, all sourced from some of the best home decor brands around. 

12 of the best table lamps for a living room

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How tall should an end table lamp be in a living room?

A lamp for an end table is ideally '30"-34" in height depending on style of fixture and aesthetics of the space,' Jane continued. 'Generally, the bottom of the lampshade should be around eye level when seated and table lamps should always have a shade. No one wants to have a naked bulb glaring at them.'

When choosing a lampshade, Jane recommends a drum shade as a style that offers a 'great transitional look,' one that 'makes the lamp and space feel more updated and mode. You will likely choose a bulb based on the recommended bulb wattage of the manufacturer, but try to keep color temperature in mind, as well. 'My rule of thumb is to look for a color temp of 2700 to 3000,' Jane said, as 'this will provide a warm light that is soft, flattering and welcoming in a living room.'

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