Kid’s Bedrooms

Don’t be afraid to experiment with pattern and print – a child’s room is a good place to try out a bolder look than you might have elsewhere in the house. It will inject life into a room, and a fun theme will inspire a sense of adventure in your little explorer.

When it comes to decorating children’s bedrooms, the possibilities are endless. This is a space where you can have a little fun, whether that’s in the form of bold patterned rugs, wild wallpapers, eye-catching murals, painted ceilings and 3D wall art – such as papier-mâché animal busts.  Or try a gallery or chalkboard wall for their own creations, floor-to-ceiling open shelving to display their favourite things, even a hidden den under the bed or behind closet doors. Because when it comes to kids’ rooms, you can throw out the rule book. Heck, you could wrap the room in tassel garlands or fill the ceiling with helium-filled balloons if you really wanted to. Or go mad and install a slide. Okay, maybe we’re getting a little carried away but you get the point.

But be warned, children tend to change their minds easily (and don’t get us started on teenagers), so in general it’s best to stick to fairly neutral furniture and then inject the fun via the walls, rugs, bedding and accessories. These accents can be layered and edited over time to grow with the child.

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Or you could keep things simple by just revamping the furniture. Paint them your kids’ favourite shades, change handles, get creative with tones of the same colour on different pieces and when they get tired of it, you can simply paint again – for teenagers that could be every couple of months!

Short on floor space? Mezzanine levels could be your solution. The latest trend is to go for high-sleepers, multifunctional furniture or custom-built designs, which all lift the sleeping area off the floor and by doing so allow more room for the essentials – whether that’s play space, a study area or simply some storage. Loft beds with a desk and den area underneath are a fab way to utilise floor space. For younger kids, it’s a space-saving solution that has longevity. For older kids, it’s the cooler take on a bunk.

Speaking of which, by the time your kids hit their teens, it’s even more important for them to be able to have a space of their own – to escape to and express who they are becoming. In this age of Instagram, the selfie generation also understands aesthetics and will want a backdrop that looks good in their posts. A combination of YouTube vlogs, Pinterest and Instagram is inspiring teenagers to decorate their rooms in a much more contemporary way than ever before. So let them. They’ll love you for it.

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