5 Daybed Ideas for Small Spaces — 'They're the Perfect In-Between When You're Short on Space'

These daybed ideas for small spaces show how flexible, versatile and convenient this furniture piece is for corners and nooks

A window space with a fitted daybed
(Image credit: Zeke Ruelas. Studio credit Brad Ramsey Interiors)

Have you considered daybeds for your home’s small spaces? Not as small as an armchair, but not as big as a couch, where there may not be space to fit a large sofa, a daybed emerges as the perfect solution. It easily seats people during the daytime, be used for lounging, and even used as a spot to sleep guests, if you invest in the right kind.

Plus, today's daybeds are very good looking pieces of furniture. Take a look at this flexible piece and add more functionality to your bedroom, office, or living room.

1. Place it in a corner

A corner with a lounger

(Image credit: Julie Soefer. Studio credit Marie Flanigan Interiors)

Have an awkward living room corner? An unused space in a home office? Use this as an opportunity to create a cozy spot, perfect for lounging, reading, or daydreaming, with a daybed. Upholster it in a fabric design that complements the larger room's aesthetic so the daybed doesn't stick out but blends in well.

'A chaise lounger enhances a room’s aesthetic with its sculptural silhouette and tailored upholstery,' says Marie Flanigan, founder of Marie Flanigan Interiors. 'I especially love using this piece to create visual interest with an unexpected pattern or pop of color. It offers a versatile and luxurious space to relax without taking up as much square footage, making it a great option for additional seating and respite.'

2. Add a daybed next to a window

A window seat with a daybed

(Image credit: Zeke Ruelas. Studio credit Brad Ramsey Interiors)

Want to create a moment of pause in your home? Consider designing a window seat or a lounging spot under the stairs. These small, space-challenged areas do best with a small, sleek, and cozy seater like a daybed. Add a small side table and pillows to increase comfort.

'Daybeds are the perfect blend of sofa and sleeping space that provides two functions for a small space,' says Brad Ramsey, principal and founder of Brad Ramsey Interiors. 'In this case, we used a tête-à-tête to make this small sitting room have a dedicated view out to the lake or a way to lounge and face back into the room. As a bonus, you can also spread out and take a nap on the daybed-sized cushion.'

3. Consider a built-in daybed for extra storage

A window with a built-in daybed

(Image credit: Victoria Holly Interiors)

Opting for a daybed with built-in drawers is a great way to maximize your small space. A daybed in a living room with storage is useful for housing all kinds of essentials.

'Daybeds are a great solution for rooms where you need occasional seating but also somewhere for guests to sleep,' says Victoria Holly, principal and founder of Victoria Holly Interiors. 'It's also a great solution for smaller rooms that can't quite house a full-size or queen-size bed. I love to style a daybed almost like a sofa with back cushions and throw pillows so when it's not in use, it feels like it offers the comfort of a sofa.'

4. Position a daybed next to the bed

A bedroom with a daybed next to the window

(Image credit: Jenifer McNeil Baker. Studio credit Maestri Studio)

Who wouldn't love a nice lounging space in a modern bedroom? Even if you have a small space, you don't need to give up on this dreams just yet. A daybed placed in a corner can still offer a spot to relax, read, or even spend some intimate moments with friends. Make this is cozy spot where your children can read and do their homework as you get through your daily chores. Also, a daybed elegantly extends the bed design through added texture, shape, and style.

'Since a daybed's 'daytime' function is to serve as a sofa space, we usually style it with enough pillows that make sitting possible and not just lounging,' says Brad. 'The pillows can always be removed to make it easy to spread out and sleep.'

5. Swap it out for a conventional sofa for added comfort

A living room with a blue daybed

(Image credit: Nichetto Studio Press)

With newer, more modern designs taking over, swapping out a daybed in place of a sofa has become quite a popular living room furniture trend. The casual yet comfortable shape of the daybed can instantly create a relaxed feeling. Mix it up with luxe fabrics and bright colors for that elevated look.

'This is a cozy daybed; its soft shape and unique stitching makes it stand out,' says Luca Nichetto, founder of Nichetto Studio. 'This piece adds warmth and charm to any room with its unexpected design. It avoids being symmetrical and has a shape like a spontaneous drawing.'

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