These 6 picks from Lulu and Georgia’s fall collection are timeless and will make your home feel so much cozier and elevated

I’m loving the deep, earthy, and neutral tones and the natural materials of the brand's fall collection. They’re perfect for a home update that feels luxurious and very comfortable

living room in neutral colors with white sofa, oak coffee table, and large plant
(Image credit: Lulu and Georgia)

Every season I impatiently wait for the biggest interior trends and new collections to be released to inspire me with ideas to give my home a refresh. It’s not about turning your house upside down and redecorating with the launch of every passing trend. It’s more about updating it with beautiful pieces you need or that will bring you joy, every now and then, and passing on those items you no longer use or love, for others to enjoy. 

The way I do this in a sustainable living way is by keeping a list of things I actually need, and things that could do with a refresh, and making purchases according to that when the new collections are released. Lulu and Georgia’s fall collection is full of beautiful items in earthy, deep, and neutral color schemes, with natural materials and textures that will look as good and relevant now as they will in a few years' time. It's not a surprise, Lulu & Georgia is one of the best of the best home decor stores in my opinion. 

Definitely, a lot on my list will be ticked, and here are my favorite new releases to refresh my home this season. 

My top 6 pieces from Lulu and Georgia’s gorgeous fall collection  

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1. The statement bed

black canopy bed with natural color throws and white bedding

(Image credit: Lulu and Georgia)

I will start with the investment piece because I do need a new bed, and the Simonette has got it all. It is statement-material thanks to its beautiful canopy, but I also love that the design is quite simple and neutral. Which will make it super easy to accessorize with throw blankets and pillows, and will stand the test of passing trends easily. It's a great addition to a neutral bedroom idea. This does require tall ceilings though, so if this is on your purchase list too make sure there’s plenty of space above it, otherwise the wow factor will get a bit lost. 

2. The mini-lamp  

small table lamp with dark green base and white pleated shade

(Image credit: Lulu and Georgia)

This mini table lamp is so cute, how can you scroll past it and not be tempted to get it? Perfect size for my small bedside tables (where I currently don’t have any lights, and this must be immediately resolved), I love the mix of this deep, earthy green, very on-trend for fall. It’s such a nice balance with the white pleated shade. You can use it elsewhere too, for instance, it will look so pretty styled on top of a small stack of coffee table books in a living room, or on a hallway sideboard. Because it’s so small, you can move it around the house and style it in different ways, so you won’t get bored of it.  

3. The comfy accent chair 

If you’ve read my piece on buys for a minimalist reading nook, you’ll understand the need for a really comfortable seat where you can get completely lost in a book. The Banks accent chair looks so incredibly comfortable that I’m already waiting at my door, book in hand ready for the delivery. Whether you’ll use this for a reading corner or not, it will make a great timeless addition to a living space. The beautiful cognac color in velvet has such a peaceful and grounding quality to it. If you’re on the lookout for a reading chair, accent chair, or just a beautiful furniture addition for a cozy living room, this is it.   

4. The fun throw pillow 

We all need more throw pillows in our lives! Or maybe not if you already have plenty but they’re just such a great styling piece, and so comfy. And this round one in burnt orange velvet looks simply delightful, and it's one of the best statement throw pillows I've seen recently. There are plenty of other colors too, all in the natural, autumnal palette, so you can easily mix and match them without getting it wrong. It’s a totally accessible price point too, so you’ll be at difficulty finding reasons not to get one (or three). 

5. The chic coffee table 

coffee table with oak legs and marble top in minimalist sitting room

(Image credit: Lulu and Georgia)

Now this is also a bit of an investment as far as coffee tables go, granted, but just look at it. I love the minimalist shape mixed with the beautiful natural oak legs and marble top. There is no sharp edge in sight, which makes it easy on the eye. It’s definitely a keeper for a longer time, both in terms of quality and style, so you won’t need to worry about changing it any time soon. The marble top is a beautiful base for styling objects and books, and without taking up too much space, it's a great coffee table for a small living room too. 

6. The display sideboard 

black sideboard with glass doors in kitchen with black and white floors

(Image credit: Lulu and Georgia)

This sideboard is so stylish I don’t even know where to begin talking about it. I love how it’s giving a lot of storage space, but also an opportunity to style your favorite items, and showcase either books, crockery, or small objects, like you would in a cabinet of curiosities. I would absolutely store beautiful glasses and plates, and place the unit in the dining room along one wall close to the table so it’s handy for meals with guests. I wouldn’t recommend this one if you don’t want to spend time arranging things (anything you put inside needs to look good), but if you do love an opportunity to put your interior stylist hat on and have a few pretty objects to display, this is just the sideboard for you.  

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