Enrich that 'problem' corner with one of the 9 best reading chairs - the interior designer's favorite trick

Turn that unused corner into your own little haven for escape with the addition of one of these 9 reading chairs

A curated selection of reading chairs
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If you've got an unused corner or space in your home that feels a bit bare or empty, a reading chair might be just the ticket. 

Offering your own private space for tucking into a good book, the addition of a simple reading chair can also work as a clever design device for breaking up a space or bare wall that's void of any personality - turning it instead into its very own destination, or reading nook.

When picking the perfect reading chair for you, think about what you want when you sit down to enjoy a good read. Comfort is important, so look at factors like upholstery and take the opportunity to test out the material in person and check how soft it is to the touch. Think about shape too -  could your alloted space accommodate a chair with a reclining function or ottoman for that extra level of comfort? Look at the size you realistically have. Don't go for the ultra cozy oversized style if it's you're only going to be squeezing your way past it every day.

Whether it's an addition to a living room corner or a new piece of bedroom furniture you're after, here are 9 buys I've spotted for cozy reading nooks that will delight every bookworm.

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Where should I put my reading chair?

Reading chairs work well as an option a bedroom, but the addition of a reading corner can bring a soothing feel to any space. It doesn't have to be in the bedroom, and reading nooks can be created throughout the home. Stairwells, hallways, or bigger living areas are just some options available.

'Select a nook that is a design moment waiting to happen,' says Ginger Curtis of Urbanology Designs. 'This could be anything from a space that gets great light to a surface you change seasonally like the mantle.'

Finally, take care to ensure they don’t dominate or clutter a room. ‘Make sure that they are correctly proportioned for your space, and correspond with the surrounding furniture,' says interior designer, Naomi Astley Clarke. Look at the color palette of the space and pick something that blends in, and play around by rejigging furniture - you might be surprised at how easily you can give an old space a new lease of life. 

How to accessorize my reading chair

Use the furniture to create a vignette, building on the reading chair with accessories to firmly establish the zone as a reading nook. Accessorize your new chair with a floating bookshelf or coffee table stylishly stacked with books. If you are lacking space, even a neat and curated pile of books on the floor can do the trick. 'Take the time to revisit your bookshelves and see how you can restyle them for maximum impact,' says Ginger. 

'Creating vignettes is important because it creates small, special moments throughout the house,' says Susana Simonpietri, creative director of Chango & Co. 'Especially when you have a large house, small moments can be forgotten. It’s important to add decorative elements to give each space their own small moments to shine.'

If you're placing your reading chair in a bedroom or hallway, just make sure it doesn't become a dumping ground for clothes, and try to always keep it clear!

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