Give your bedroom a Minimaluxe makeover with these beautiful decor buys that will bring a calming aesthetic

Minimaluxe is the luxury trend we all want a slice of in our bedrooms – our shopping editor helps you get the look

A selection of minimaluxe products
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Minimaluxe is the design trend that shines a light on natural materials, texture, decor and craftsmaship, a sort of warm minimalism that also feels soothing, decorative and luxurious all at once. It has been gaining traction for the last few years, but only now is it really having its moment in the spotlight - taking over our Instagram feeds and Pinterest moodboards - and we're here for it.

To help you bring a dose of Minimaluxe to your bedroom, I've done some online shopping and have my baskets brimming with beautiful additions and bedroom furniture that will bring the essence of Minimaluxe into your home. 

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What is minimaluxe?

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So what is it and how can the trend be defined? Pip Rich, editor of Livingetc sees Minimaluxe as falling into five main categories. First up, it's about sinous lines and fluid forms, banishing those hard edges for curves and something softer. It's also about contrast in texture and material 'think natural wood next to concrete, hand-worn textures played off against gleam, and hard stone surfaces with soft edges,' says Pip.

Minimaluxe is a celebration of your favorite things - where it differs dramatically from minimalism, it's about proudly displaying your possessions in a decluttered but beautiful way.

The Japanese philosophy of wabi-sabi also applies here: there’s beauty in imperfection. 'Find it in the unique wood grain in a piece of furniture, a brass tap with a patina developed over time.'

Finally, Minimaluxe spaces achieve a sense of calm by embracing natural light and brightness by the decor and pieces of furniture you curate in the space.

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