IKEA mudroom hacks – 10 ways to give a functional room a fabulous makeover

These stylish IKEA mudroom hacks prove that function, form and affordability can all go hand-in-hand...

Ikea mudroom hacks grey room
(Image credit: Gina Rachelle Design/Semihandmade)

A mudroom is one of those godsends that you won't know how you lived without. And IKEA mudroom hacks allow you to create a style-driven aesthetic without breaking the bank. Just because a space is primarily functional, doesn't mean it can't be beautiful too.

So what is a mudroom? It's a dedicated space (usually off the main entrance, at the side or at the back) that's home to all of the essentials a busy family needs: think coats, hats, umbrellas, bags, boots, and more.

It usually contains a coat cupboard and/or hooks for bags and jackets, but can also include storage benches, boxes, and cabinets for things like children's sports equipment or backyard essentials, like picnic utensils or blankets.

What's more, the best mudroom ideas can also be a multi-functional space, pairing up with utility rooms, pantries, dog rooms and more.

IKEA mudroom hacks for tidy and tasteful living

We've tapped a host of creatives and tastemakers to share their IKEA mudroom hacks to inspire that next DIY project...

1. Use the IKEA Besta to create a chic built-in bench and cabinets

IKEA mudroom hacks grey IKEA Besta

(Image credit: @homeathand)

You'd be forgiven for thinking that Hanna of @homeathandhad paid to have custom built-ins created for this cool yet inviting mudroom. The upscale look was actually created with the IKEA Besta and a good dose of creativity.

Hanna says: 'I used the IKEA Besta series for the bench and the cabinets, and the IKEA Pax wardrobes for the coat closets on the opposite side. 

'I built a platform, assembled and installed the cabinets, and then built a frame around the wardrobes to close all the gaps for a built-in look. I finished with trim, and painted everything, including the IKEA doors, with Aloof Gray from Sherwin Williams.' The consoles are from Amazon home, the twisted hooks and knobs are vintage. The door you see in the background is salvaged from a 1910 Swedish home.

2. Create a bright, modern mudroom and lots of storage with the IKEA Billy bookcase

IKEA mudroom hack IKEA billy bookcase white mudroom

(Image credit: @henrikjune)

No wonder IKEA Billy bookcase hacks are so popular when you can create light, bright and contemporary looks like this modern mudroom.

'When we moved into our home, the previous owners left a garage full of Billy bookcases for storage,' explains Steph, of @henrikjunehome. 'This area became the primary way we entered our home, so, shoes, jackets, gloves, helmets, leashes, you name it were stored on open shelves here. 

'As you can imagine, a family of four with a large pup can accumulate a lot of stuff, which leads to an eyesore of a view with open storage. So, to keep it all at bay, I bumped out the IKEA Billy bookcases and secured them to studs. 

'I added height extenders, Oxberg doors, and bins to contain the chaos. Following this, I added a bench, floating shelves, and budget shiplap to finish the look. 

'The shiplap cost $30 in total to make! I am a beginner builder and learned how to do this from YouTube and Instagram. So, all in all, I would say this is a do-able DIY. Now, we have a catchall spot that holds all the shoes, all the necessities, and all the chaos... All behind closed doors.'

3. Get a modern farmhouse look with an IKEA Kallax storage bench

IKEA mudroom hacks with IKEA Kallax

(Image credit: @houseonforesttrail)

IKEA Kallax hacks are fantastic for creating stylish storage solutions, from floor-to-ceiling shelving to storage benches.

Michelle @houseonforesttrail says of this mudroom set up in her hallway: 'I used the IKEA Kallax and added some 'feet' to make it look more like a bench. I then threw some faux fur IKEA Gullviva rugs on top for texture.

'Lastly, I added some hooks underneath an IKEA Mosslanda picture ledge so I'm able to hang up coats and also make it pretty with artwork, which I can swap out when we fancy an easy update.'

4. Fashion mudroom 'closets' with the IKEA Pax units

IKEA mudroom hacks white mudroom with IKEA Pax

(Image credit: @spikedteaandpeonies)

This sleek and chic IKEA mudroom hack was created to cater for a large family - and all their outdoor essentials. 'As a family of six, this mudroom fills up very quickly,' says Jennifer @spikedteaandpeonies.

'Using the IKEA Pax closet system, we created ultra-practical cabinets with shelves, hooks and drawers inside. We added plenty of storage, including a dedicated IKEA basket drawer for each family member to keep gloves, hats and necessities.

'The Pax base was paired with IKEA Grimo doors and Borghamn handles. We also added a custom frame on top and crown molding to give the mudroom a built-in vibe.'

5. Allow your mudroom to double up as a playroom with an IKEA Kallax room divider

ikea mudroom hacks playroom with IKEA Kallax and Hemnes

(Image credit: @emilyyew.co)

A mudroom can double up as a number of things, and a playroom/homeschooling space was the perfect partner for this spare room next to a garage.

Emily @emilyyew.co says: 'The bonus room off our garage is a huge rectangle with no definition. Since our house didn't have a mudroom I decided to make one. I used the largest IKEA Kallax as a room divider, which doubled as storage for hats, boots, raincoats etc.

'When we started homeschooling our kids I moved the large unit to the back wall and replaced it with a 'pony wall' with three smaller IKEA Kallax units. 

'The IKEA Hemnes boot cabinet holds shoes and is a great key spot for when you first come in the door. I changed out the knobs to leather pulls for a chicer finish.'

6. Transform an awkward space into a stylish mudroom with modern tiles and IKEA Sektion cabinets

Ikea mudroom hack with Ikea Sektion and hexagonal tiled floor by Semihandmade

(Image credit: The Coe Files/Semihandmade)

Lisa of The Coe Files recently transformed an awkward room in her home into a highly functioning mudroom, using Semihandmade doors on Ikea kitchen cabinets to tie it all together.

According to Lisa, the family downsized when they moved into this home, and they were missing the storage their old spot used to offer. She looked to Semihandmade to dress up her IKEA Sektion cabinets, noting that 'you save a lot of money using the basic IKEA boxes, while still getting a high-end look'.

Semihandmade says: 'While the cabinets are the focus and purpose of the room, Lisa and her husband used swoon-worthy details to take the design to the next level. 

'They ripped out that linoleum and installed black hexagonal tile - a great floor type for the family with their kids and dog, and a fun, modern departure from the rest of the home’s wood floors.

'Then Lisa accessorized with black hardware and hooks to echo the tile’s hue, and a wooden bench to add a natural element to the room. She also opted for a simple IKEA flush mount to illuminate the space.'

7. Make a multi-use mudroom with the IKEA Sektion

Ikea mudroom hacks grey room

(Image credit: Gina Rachelle Design/Semihandmade)

Take a room from dead space to multi-functional with a clever and stylish IKEA hack makeover. The IKEA mudroom hack was created by Gina Rachelle Design, who said: 'Rather than custom cabinetry, we utilized a fantastic alternative with IKEA Sektion and Semihandmade. 

'The cabinet fronts are SHM’s Supermatte Shaker style in light grey... Other finishes we love that helped pull the space together included a porcelain countertop from Integrated Resources, and Semihandmade floating shelves in maple.'

Ikea mudroom hacks grey room with Semihandmade fronts

(Image credit: Gina Rachelle Design/Semihandmade)

The multi-use mudroom boasts a handy sink area (perfect for washing off muddy paws) as well as hooks for hats, bags, and coats, a storage bench, and storage cabinets.

Semihandmade says: 'When your mudroom opens up to a porch or backyard, a sink can seriously come in handy: whether you need to refill a watering can, wash your hands, or grab a quick sip of water, it saves you a trip to the kitchen. 

'The bright blue honeycomb tile on the floor brightens up the room, while also being easy to clean - great if you have kids or pets who are likely to track in plenty of dirt.'

8. Let your mudroom double up as a second pantry

IKEA mudroom hacks IKEA Metod

(Image credit: Heidi Noelle Designs/Semihandmade)

If you’re big on entertaining outdoors, it’s a good idea to think of your mudroom as a second pantry idea.

Semihandmade says of this elegant space: 'This room by Heidi Noelle Designs has tons of cabinet space, all outfitted with Semihandmade Supermatte Shaker fronts, as well as a sink for easy washing up. 

'Here, you can store extra serving ware, bulk-size snacks, extra paper towels, and outdoor accessories that you might not want to keep in a shed, like table settings and seat cushions. Bonus: The designer used Semihandmade Glass-Ready doors to create a built-in crate for her pup.'

We love how the gold handles and knobs add an extra layer of glamor to what is essentially a functional room.

9. Team your utility with a stylish mudroom using the IKEA Sektion

Ikea mudroom hack meets laundry room

(Image credit: 111LightLane/Semihandmade)

Another way to make the most of a mudroom is to pair it with a utility room. Getting creative with IKEA Sektion bases means you can install a sink with cabinets, a storage bench, and wall hooks to hang coats and bags, alongside your washing machine and tumble dryer.

Beth, of 111 Light Lane, says: 'I wanted a bright and cheerful place to do laundry but also wanted to balance out the white with warm soothing earth tones. I went with modern-classic options like subway tile and white cupboards. 

'We extended our luxury vinyl plank flooring into our laundry room because it’s waterproof and super durable. It also adds warmth and it’s so easy to clean! Perfect for a laundry/mudroom.'

The cabinets were Semihandmade's Supermatte White Shaker, and Beth adds: 'Trust me – you don’t have to compromise style and quality on a budget.'

10. Maximize a small mudroom space with IKEA Sektion units

Ikea mudroom hacks small mudroom patterned tile floor and IKEA Sektion units

(Image credit: @thehouseofsweeney)

Short on space and don't want a cluttered entryway? Even a small mudroom can be a godsend, and you can easily make the most of the space with a clever IKEA hack.

'Our small mudroom space was maximized with a focus on functionality through the addition of the IKEA Sektion kitchen pantry cabinets,' explains Tori of @thehouseofsweeney.  'Two 18” wide pantry cabinets with drawers both on the bottom and inside store shoes, hats, mitts and gloves out of sight. We designed this space for easy kid use to help keep this main point of entry for our family tidy. The addition of a custom floating bench and shiplap feature with hooks makes these off-the-shelf cabinets look custom.'

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