'If you want to elevate your home, this is how.' The 12 best green patterned rugs are instantly elegant and luxe

From abstract prints to heritage designs our edit of the 12 best green patterned rugs is rich with elevated flair. An easy way to make your living room or bedroom look more smart

Green Patterned Rugs
(Image credit: Urban Oufitters, Lulu & Georgia & Ruggable)

There is nothing like a bit of green, it’s revered for its biophilic properties, both inside and outside. The natural hue is also a great ingredient for patterned rugs, from graphic forest greens to soft sage statements.

Green’s presence in the natural world means it lends itself well to interior schemes, injecting a sense of freshness as well as harmony into spaces. Patterned green floor pieces can serve as great foundations for contemporary or classic styles of furniture and lighting. Rugs are great for bringing softness and texture to schemes but can be so much more special in this energizing hue. For help finding your perfect piece, you can start by looking at our best rugs. Great advice features alongside our favorite finds.

After searching and scouring the best home décor stores, we have curated our selection of the best green patterned rugs. 

Best Green Patterned Floral Rugs

Best Green Patterned Abstract Rugs

Best Green Patterned Persian Rugs

Best Green Patterned Minimal Rugs

Do patterned rugs make a space look smaller?

Patterned rugs when dramatically alter the appearance of size and how you feel in it. The wrong patterned rug can make the space feel smaller, visually confusing, and detract attention from what you really want people to focus on in the room. However, the right patterned rug can actually elevate your interior – both visually and experientially. Pattern when used correctly can give you a rug that opens up the room and creates zones that invite you and your family to connect, relax or concentrate depending on the purpose of the space. 

The pattern can also prove to be a much-needed visual anchor that roots your design and serves as the central dial for all your furniture, lighting, and accessories. Another factor to consider is the type of pattern you opt for; smaller spaces might benefit from more minimal or large-scale patterns that feel open and inviting whereas larger rooms might benefit from the intricacy and engagement of a more detailed small-scale pattern. London-based rug experts, Riviere Rugs shared their insight commenting on the importance of color when it comes to choosing your patterned rug. “It all depends on the color, darker colors in a small space can make it feel smaller and vice versa," says Eleanor Dykes from Riviere Rugs. 

The best place to start is by remembering that the answer to this question is entirely dependent on the size of your space, the design style you want to lean into, and ultimately what appeals to you. 

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