The 12 best washable rugs - family life gets levelled up

The Livingetc team has picked the 12 best washable rugs which mean you can have style underfoot even when you have pets, kids or klutz-like tendencies

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Stains, spills, and marks are all part of daily life. It is always painful to think after so much thought and deliberation, your chosen rug would be ruined by an accidental spill, muddy paws, or over-excited children. That doesn’t have to be the case though, rug design and construction have come a long way and there is a variety of designs on the market that are machine-washable and stain resistant. Natural options like wool are washable and naturally resistant to stain thanks to lanolin-rich fibers while polyester and polypropylene rugs are durable and machine washable.

Let us help you start your search for the perfect rug with our best rugs feature, a curated list of our favorites along with useful advice from the experts. Our best washable rug picks are listed below. Gathered from a thorough search across the best home décor stores, these beauties are built to last. 

Best Abstract Washable Rugs

Best Round Washable Rugs

Best Wool Washable Rugs

Best Shag Washable Rugs

What is the most washable rug material?

As more and more washable options appear on the market, it can be difficult to distinguish between which rugs are easiest to take care of. “Polyester or cotton rugs are the easiest to machine wash,” says rug expert and fiber artist, Rosemary Hallgarten. 

Machine washable rugs like polyester are a great option with their fade resistance and durable fibers, while cotton is a more natural and hypoallergenic solution. The size of your washing machine is also something to factor in when choosing a washable rug, so you wash and dry your rug with ease. If you opt for wool which is praised for its durable and washable nature, it’s worth bearing in mind that you will need to get your rug professionally cleaned. This might seem like a negative but can be a positive as looking to the experts ensures your rug is cleaned and dried properly which in turn extends its lifespan. 

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