Art for Your Floors — I Found 12 Abstract Rugs that Make Rooms Look So Much More Creative

I scouted abstract rugs so stunning, you might be tempted to hang them on your wall

(Image credit: Ruggable; ABC Carpet & Home; CB2; Annie Selke, Wayfair)

We hang art on our walls, buy sculptures, and invest in design-forward furniture. But what about our floors? Devoid of artistry! Abstract rugs bring the painterly brilliance we love about artwork and the creativity of a well-chosen architectural chair to a grander scale, anchoring a room with artistic flair.

Some people are hesitant to take the plunge — after all, the word 'abstract' can conjure up some quirky images. ‘An abstract rug can dramatically shift the look of a room,’ admits interior designer Nina Lichtenstein, but it’s nothing to be afraid of. On the contrary, introducing bold patterns and unexpected color combinations with an abstract rug can ‘act as a focal point’ and ‘help unify disparate elements within a space, tying together different colors and textures to create a cohesive look.’

The beauty of an abstract rug lies in its uniqueness. I would know — I spent hours sifting through them online and in person while researching where to buy rugs. I looked for quality, construction, and above all, as a style editor, creativity. Thousands of steps, many a train ride, and several Ubers later, I can confidently state that I found the best rugs you can buy. One thing is for sure: no matter which rug you pick, your space will never look the same (in a good way). Ready to meet your most interesting piece of decor to date?

Abstract rug.

Abstract rugs in ABC Carpet & Home.

(Image credit: Julia Demer)

Abstract Rugs to Shop

How should I style abstract rugs?

Styling abstract rugs can be a delightful challenge. Their bold, colorful patterns demand a thoughtful approach to ensure they enhance rather than clash with your decor. Interior designer Nina Lichtenstein shared a few tips with me to help make the process easier.

First piece of advice? Work backwards. Instead of starting with the rug and building out the room, consider the room as a whole first. What is the overarching color palette? ‘Select a rug with colors that enhance your existing decor,’ Nina advises. ‘Abstract patterns often include multiple hues, so pick one that ties in with your room's color scheme.’

Regarding size, abstract rugs generally look the most striking on grand scales, making a room feel ‘more expansive,’ says Nina, ‘while a smaller rug can create a cozy, intimate area.’ There is no right or wrong here; whether you choose large, small, or something in between, that really comes down to personal preference.

Next: Layer, layer, layer! Abstract rugs offer no shortage of interest on their own, but pairing them with textured elements like velvet cushions or a chunky knit throw further enhances their appearance of depth and richness, says Nina.

And for a more avant-garde look, designer Christiane Lemieux suggests an unexpected styling option: rug wall hangings. ‘Embracing their artistic essence, we are also mounting these rugs on walls as striking tapestries,’ she says. ‘This innovative approach transforms walls into galleries, highlighting the rug's artistry and adding a unique, sophisticated touch to the decor.’

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