The 12 best blue patterned rugs which make each room feel as uplifting as a summer sky

Our editors have chosen the 12 best blue patterned rugs that work to bring a sense of joy to your decor, evoking sunshine, sea and vacation skies

Anthropologie and Lulu & Georgia Rug
(Image credit: Anthropologie and Lulu & Georgia)

There is a reason that blue is the world’s favorite color. This soothing hue induces calm and projects a sense of serenity into your scheme. Pastel and powder blues add a touch of elegance to interiors whilst jewel and ink tones deepen the sense of drama and intrigue in a room. Blue is also a great foundation for patterned rugs as the color blends beautifully with other tones. 

If you’re still at the start of your rug journey, explore our best rugs feature for expert advice and best-loved designs. But whether it’s contrasting against bolder oranges and yellows or seamlessly sitting with cooler greys and greens, blue is a trusted choice for designers and homeowners alike. To help you find your perfect blue patterned rug, we’ve scoured the best home décor stores, see our exclusive edit below.

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How to choose a rug color for living room?

Living rooms are often hubs for the home. As such, they have many roles to play, from hosting family and friends to offering comfort and respite at the end of long day. Some rugs may be better suited to living rooms than others, more resistant materials like wool and polyester offer both warm and stain-resistance in these settings. 

When it comes to choosing the right color, the experts advise that you look to softer and grounded color palettes which offer versatility and serenity in these schemes. “Most people prefer to ground a living room in a more neutral toned rug which gives more flexibility to accent the space with color through accessories and perhaps an accent chair” says, rug expert and fiber artist, Rosemary Hallgarten. It’s also important to know what to stay away from when designing your living room as you want your interior to improve with age. “It is best to avoid white since living rooms get a fair amount of foot (and drink!) usage. A neutral-colored rug will also make the space feel larger.” says, Rosemary Hallgarten. 

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