"They set the tone for relaxation." Bedside lamps are the mark of a good bedroom - these 9 create the softest glows

Give your bedside table a mini makeover and invest in one of these cute bedside lamps that will transform the surface into a stylish vignette

A bedside lamp in a neutral bedroom
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I'm convinced that every bedroom needs a bedside lamp. The prime purpose of a lamp is to cast a comforting glow in your bedroom, creating a soothing atmosphere as you settle down for bed. 

For nighttime readers, bedside lamps provide directional lighting, providing you with isolated lighting. But even if you don't need a lamp for reading or producing light, bedside lamps also have an added aesthetic bonus, accessorizing the best bedroom furniture and providing a decorative addition that can bring your room's design together. Bedside lamps are really upping their game too, with plug-in lamps designed to look high-end, but for half the price.

'Bedside lamps are a great addition as lighting ultimately sets the tone for rest and relaxation,' says Kristin Fine and Analisse Taft-Gersten, co-founders of The 1818 Collective. 'The warmth of a glowing table lamp is a cozy and calming way to begin or end a day. Not to mention a great way to bring some beauty to a place we spend so much time.'

'Bedside lamps check the boxes for both form and function—making them the perfect bedside addition,' says Lauren Sullivan of Well x Design. 'Not only do they provide a useful light source, but bedside lamps also add visual interest through symmetry, texture, and sculptural forms.'

To help you find the perfect fit for your bedroom, I've scoured my favorite websites to find the internet's best lighting offerings for sale now.

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What color is best for a bedside lamp?

Your bedside lamp should give off a warm and glowing shade of white with a yellow tint, bringing coziness to your bedside table. At least, the light should be at 2700K. 

This is indicative of the temperature at which the bulb starts emitting light and mimics candlelight. Subconsciously, this lower, warmer light helps you brain recognize that it's time to wind down, and why you should keep your phone out of arm's reach too!

You can go up to 3000K but this is slightly more of a pure white color and you might want to avoid anything too bright to avoid glare in your bedroom.  

How tall should my bedside lamp be?

When shopping around for the perfect bedside table lamp, you need to think about getting the height right so it doesn't swamp the area and overwhelm the space. You need to consider the height of your bedside table, if it is the same height as the top of your mattress, the maximum height you can go is the same height again. If your bedside table is lower down, you can go for a taller lamp. 

Use your headboard as a guide to help you make a decision on height. Anything taller than half the headboard should be ditched in favor of something smaller. If you are looking at floor lamps, any height that is taller than the headboard could work if it's in the corner of the room. 

I also like the mini table lamp trend which works for small bedrooms and if you have a mini bedside table. They are super cute, add a touch of decor without taking up too much space, and are often cheaper than the full-size designs.

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