Get on board: the best modern parquet flooring

Chevron, herringbone, diamond... so many pretty patterns

Original floorboards not up to scratch or non-existent? Or just fancy taking your wood flooring up a notch? Whichever is the case, if you’re planning a new floor, parquet panels offer character, warmth and a feeling of understated luxury.

Popular in seventeenth century Versailles, and often laid here in grand historic houses, country estates and Royal palaces, parquet’s high status associations may be obvious, but natural timber still offers an earthy warmth that’s popular in modern homes.

Wood is also a material that ages well, (as the owners’ of those historic houses can testify). It can withstand a few scuffs and scratches, and the variations in the grain generally allow any marks to blend in unnoticed. Spilt your Cab Sav or morning Macchiato? No problem on a parquet floor. A quick wipe and there’s no trace, unlike some other floor coverings.

It’s also pretty toddler and child proof, easily withstanding pram and buggy wheels or the odd skateboard scuff.

But what to go for? The choice of parquet boards is wider than ever, from the classic herringbone or chevron to chequerboard, geometric and woven style patterns, so go for something you won’t easily tire of.

There’s also a beautiful selection of timbers on offer. It goes without saying to check that it’s FSC and responsibly sourced from a managed forest – and generally best to avoid exotic woods. If you’d like something truly eco, reclaimed boards are a great option.

Oak is a hard wood and therefore hard-wearing so it features heavily in our edit. It’s available in a multitude of gorgeous finishes too. There’s fumed, limed and weathered to name just a few. So read on and get on board with parquet flooring.

Of course, a beautiful wood floor deserves a fitting accompaniment, so peruse our edit of Brushstroke Rugs here.

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