The world’s most Instagrammed interiors trends revealed

The Instagrammed interiors trends currently setting the most grids alight

interiors trends
Hygge is the biggest interiors trend in the world
(Image credit: Future)

Interiors trends are a funny thing. One moment, we're all 'gramming our avocado toast on white plates, the next it doesn't feel right if the serveware isn't patterned. Similarly, colours come and go, as witnessed anecdotally by what does well on the Livingetc instagram

Yellow gets a lot of likes at the moment, as does green. Last summer, it was blue that people responded well to.

Instagram is a mirror for how we are feeling about our surroundings, and so it's fascinating to look at the global interiors trends, as compiled by Blooming Artificial.

By looking at Instagram hashtags for each global trend, the artificial tree, plant and flower brand has created a map of the world visualising which trends are the most, and the least, popular. They’ve also included information on the perfect plants to add as finishing touches for each regional style.

1. Scandinavian Hygge

Perhaps it's no surprise that hygge - the art of being cosy and snug - is topping the charts at number one. Who doesn't want to feel comforted at home right now? 

Generating more than 8.2 million posts on Instagram, hygge is seeing a 407% increase in Google searches over the past five years

2. American Mid-Century Modern

The mid-century style sits very comfortably within our Livingetc aesthetic - our heartland has long beed mid-century furniture in Georgian townhouses - and it's a popular look that has enduring appeal. 

With over 7 million posts featuring streamlined retro wooden furniture, bold leafy plants and a range of luxurious textures from velvet to leather, it continues do well on Insta - no surprise when so many of us are craving that sunny lifestyle right now.

3. French Art Deco

Of course, with Emily in Paris taking Netflix by storm and many of feeling wistful for the romance the French capital is full of, it's no surprise this has been a key interiors trend, with 4.4 million posts.

4. Chinese Feng Shui

More evidence that we're turning to our homes to make us feel good comes in the popularity of feng shui. The ancient art of placement that creates harmonious energy, its resurgence is proof of the nurturing we all crave.

5. Japanese Wabi Sabi

And yet more evidence we're looking to be kinder to ourselves comes from our willingness to embrace imperfections, to celebrate the rough beauty of natural materials. Known as wabi sabi, this Japanese concept has seen an increase in searches by 83%.

Alick Burnett, Business Development Manager at Blooming Artificial, says: For 2021, we expect to continue seeing minimalist styles featuring neutral, earthy hues and lots of mood-boosting greenery.”